Terrene: Making AI and Machine Learning Available to Business Analysts and Data Scientists in the Manufacturing Industry

Terrene is a platform technology which aims to democratize the power of AI and machine learning by allowing nearly anyone to rapidly train and deploy deep learning data neural networks.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, machine learning and AI are powerful mechanisms which can harvest a ton of data and automate it in ways to improve business systems, processes, ect.,  and Terrene is making it available to those that aren’t experts in machine learning and AI, but that can reap many benefits from using it in their business. Terrene is working to empower specifically, business analysts and data scientists, by freeing up their time and providing them with the best possible information to automate and optimize business operations everyday.

The team behind the creation of this comprehensive (but easy to use) platform are three friends who met during their time studying at University of Waterloo. Francois, Kash and Cameron knew right away they wanted to develop something together using their skills in Nano Science and Science Computing. Initially just a passion project, looking at streamlining data analytics for people to use, they never imagined it would become the foundation of a business. Once they distilled the software’s focus on making data analytics and automated machine learning accessible to business analysts inside organizations, they decided to test it out with some potential clients.

First, they targeted charities, but found that with many charities competing for similar funding or minimal budget’s to invest in this service (however much it was needed and appreciated) it wasn’t a viable client focus to sustain a business. They did more research and switched gears, focusing on industrial companies. Companies already collecting large amount of data within their businesses, but with minimal to no systems in place to harness the power of that data and streamline it to improve business, Terrene found their sweet spot in the market.

Terrene’s automated technology collects data, assesses what the data is trying to predict, then with machine learning and automation helps to create efficiencies for the companies, for example, decreasing processing time, and other solutions depending on what their internal goals or current pain points are. The ideal clients are business analysts or data scientists who are already looking at the data, and often times are manually processing that data or using multiple tools to make sense of it. Terrene is a powerful tool to make their job easier by automating that process and giving them the information they need to make informed decisions, and to automate and optimize certain areas of the business.

When the business was first getting started, the team was accepted to the Tech Starters IOT Accelerator program, in New York, where they received 120K and worked around the clock everyday for three months. Cameron, Co-founder and COO recalls the intensity of the program, but also how it was essential for them to gain clarity and guidance on how to build out the product right out of the gate. After finishing up that program, they returned to Kitchener-Waterloo, and signed their first fortune 100 client.

Six months later, the team was accepted to the AC Jumpstart program, which allowed them to expand the team and gain access to invaluable mentorship which has helped them navigate further development of the product, building ou the team and acquiring more clients.

Forecasting into 2019, the team is preparing to raise a seed round of funding and are excited to jump back into sales mode, to grow the team more and to service more happy customers. They are proud to have achieved everything so far and are sticking to their ethos of “surviving on revenue, and growing on funding”.

If you are interested in learning more or discussing the product with the team, reach them at the following: https://terrene.co/contact-us/


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