Presentation Day

Please join us as startups in Phase One of our Accelerator Program present their market validation research and pitch to advance to Phase 2.

Phase One companies will have 4 minutes to pitch to our audience of exclusive invitees. Be prepared to take part in the action and get a preview of up and coming tech companies.

Bar and refreshments will be available.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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Presentation Prep with Kevin Hood and Jordan Parker

Kevin and Jordan have set aside some time August 15 and 16 to sit down with clients and to go over what they’ll need for presentation day. They will listen to your presentations and have allowed time for questions and feedback much like what was done back in July. The hope here is that you’ve had some time to refine those presentations and this meeting would provide you with any final adjustments we feel you need to make. Reference Pathfinder Requirement 3 but you should be including the following in your presentation:

  1. Summary of primary research
  2. Summary of secondary research
  3. 1st draft or your research report (pathfinder)
  4. 1st draft of your financial forecast