Startup Studio

Website Sprints

A website is often the first explanation of your company that customers, investors and curious minds have when learning about your company. It’s important to ask yourself, what is your website communicating with people? Are they leaving with the message you were hoping to convey? Between graphics, photos, videos and copy there are many opportunities to leave an impression – let’s make sure it’s the right one.

The Startup Studio’s website sprints, are designed to help startups collaboratively develop a clear message with their website. The focus of the day is to map out the company’s key messaging and then determine the best ways to convey those messages. While each sprint is unique to the company, a website sprint with your startup would likely include the following exercises:

We sit down with you to understand what you company is currently developing, your current business goals and who your audience is. The hope is to thoroughly understand how the revamped website will help your company achieve its goals.

Establishing Your Brand and Key Messaging
Our sprint facilitator, leads all participants through various exercises that help establish your key messaging pillars and core brand. The process involves cycles of brainstorming, iterating and honing generated ideas to prioritize the key ideas to communicate with your customers.

Each participant sketches wireframes* to represent their vision of how to best communicate your brand and key messages on the site. By the end of the activity, the best elements of all wireframes are selected.

During the final hours of the day, the Startup Studio designers create final sketched wireframes and import them to InVision. These low fidelity mockups give you a solid starting point to create your new website.

After our sprint with StackZero, Shane Pegg and his team changed their entire payment system based on findings made that day. It’s your team’s choice if you want to implement the wireframes internally or have our team continue designing.

*Wireframes are simple sketches that outline the structure of your future website. Similar to the way an architect creates blueprints for a building, a web designer creates wireframes for a website. An emphasis is placed on the type of content that will be used, the messaging and the flow of the site.