Startup Studio

Product Sprints

When developing your product’s interface, there are many features and components you can include. With endless options, how are you supposed to choose what will make the final cut?

Design Sprints focus on generating ideas, keeping your end user top of mind and expediting the decision making process. While each sprint is adapted to each startup’s unique situation, a product sprint for your company would likely include the following exercises:

To have a better understanding of your company and your current place in the product development cycle, our sprints begin with you explaining your product, customers and business goals.

Defining the Customer Journey
To clarify your user’s journey and create a common base of knowledge for all sprint participants, we map out each interaction and decision your user make while using your product. This process identifies where we can improve each user’s journey.

Divergent Wireframing
Each participant individually sketches wireframes* to represent their vision for the product or a singular product feature. After thorough voting and conversation, the best elements of each wireframe are selected.

Our Startup Studio designers incorporate the best ideas into final sketched wireframes and import them to InVision. These low fidelity mockups give you a solid starting point for future product development.

*Wireframes are simple sketches that outline the structure of your future website. Similar to the way an architect creates blueprints for a building, a web designer creates wireframes for a website. An emphasis is placed on the type of content that will be used, the messaging and the flow of the site.