Startup Studio

Marketing Sprints

With the exhaustion of the daily grind, coming up with fresh ideas for marketing materials can be difficult.

The Startup Studio’s design sprints were created to infuse a new energy and structure into the ideation process for your next marketing endeavour. While each sprint is adapted to each startup’s unique context, a marketing sprint with your company would likely include the following exercises:

The first part of our day is reserved for developing an in depth understanding of what your company does, who you serve and what your specific marketing goals are.

To generate the best ideas, all sprint participants develop their own individual ideas of how to best market your company in an impactful and strategic way. There are a wide variety of mediums that can be used to communicate with your customers that include but are not limited to print materials, videos and social media campaigns.

To communicate your ideas with the rest of the sprint participants, each person sketches out their ideas. Depending on the medium being focussed on that day, sketching takes a different form:

    • Print Design: Cut and fold paper to create different formats that your print piece could take on! Block in areas for text and images to create a tangible prototype.
    • Video: To best communicate and develop your ideas, create a scene by scene storyboard mapping out the progression of the story you want to tell.
    • Social Media Campaign: Decide on the platforms, copy and imagery you want to use in your strategy, then sketch out an of what an ad or post may look like!

The purpose of the exercise is to develop your ideas individually, not to become the next Picasso. Your sketches do not have to be beautiful in order to convey your ideas, it’s meant to be a fun exercise.

After these main components are completed, our designers make the final wireframes that can be used to implement the final version of the collateral developed that day. The collaboration of voices both within the company and outside of it ensure a diversity of perspectives and position your marketing collateral for success.