The Accelerator Program

Our flagship, four phase program was developed based on proven best practices from incubators and accelerators around the world.

Each of the four phases challenge our clients to push themselves to success while also ensuring they develop a solid business foundation by considering all areas of their business such as developing executive leadership skills, establishing accounting and finance procedures and managing human resourcing needs and developing a positive internal culture.

Phase 1: Explore

Discover a product someone

We help you to define your market clearly and decide how to talk to your potential customers. Using our proven, structured market validation process, you gather data and use it to explore, research, and refine your concept. You become investment ready.

Phase 2: Build

Develop a solid business

With a solid blueprint in place, we help you focus on the factors that are most important for the success of your business. With guidance from our mentors, you navigate business fundamentals like branding and human resources. You move forward with the right business model.

Phase 3: Grow

Expand your customer base and grow your business through sales

With the right people and research in place, you have a sustainable business model. We help you focus on where you are going next. What is your one-year plan? What is your five-year plan? Do you have the right people in the right positions to get you there?

Phase 4: Scale

Prepare for global

Our final stage before graduation is all about achieving a scaleable business model. We will teach you what investors are looking for and how to pitch to them. When you are ready, the AC mentors will introduce you to a variety of funding and investment sources including angel and venture capital investors.

Eligibility criteria 

  1. Be a technology company (hardware or software)
  2. Be a solo founder or team that is dedicated to pursuing the venture and will actively be engaged in our programming and with our Client Experience Team
  3. Have an innovative technology that is in development, or an understanding of what is required for development. We love to see MVP’s, get an idea of your intellectual property or research, or creative business models.
  4. Completion of the Application Form in full
  5. Ability to attend an in person interview with AC Staff and our trusted review team
  6. Ability to pay the Accelerator Centre Program fee’s which start at $750/month. Our programs are heavily subsidized  and we do not take equity from our companies

What’s Included

  • Turnkey, secured office space in our dynamic work environment
  • Guidance from our in-house mentors
  • Exclusive one-to-many sessions with business leaders and industry experts
  • Access to AC JumpStart funding, starting in month 4 of the program
  • Communal networking areas for meeting and connecting with others
  • Professional meeting rooms for private meetings
  • Access to our international network of programming and funding partners
  • Access to over $400,000 in value added service discounts from providers like Amazon, IBM, Hubspot, and more.
  • Internet access
  • Free coffee

Think you have a great idea and the determination to make it a success?