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Alaunus is a next generation practice management platform, reimagined for today’s mobility, homecare, and providers. We help your home care agency by improving compliance at the point of care through the use of a cloud-based mobile solution, EVV, and EMR. Our complete, simple, and revolutionary platform is the backbone of your back-office and care by managing day-to-day client files, scheduling/rostering, and billing management. Alaunus accurately tracks time & visit verification at the point of care, automates intelligent invoice generation & payroll, and so much more – all in one place!

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Alert Labs

Alert Labs

Alert Labs is an IoT technology company based in Kitchener, Ontario. Alert Labs builds affordable monitoring solutions for residential and commercial property owners. Alert Labs’ simple-to-deploy sensors can be placed on water meters, sump pumps, near toilets and other appliances to detect water leaks, floods, power issues, abnormal temperatures, and other events. Customers receive real-time alerts and insightful data analytics via SMS, email, and the Alert Labs app. For more information, visit or visit select Canadian Tire stores.

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APrivacy Ltd.

APrivacy is an award-winning FinTech start-up which combines military-grade data security with seamless user experience on any platform, any device, anywhere. APrivacy’s enabling technology now allows the financial services industry to confidently communicate and conduct business over their client’s favourite channels (WhatsApp, Dropbox, Gmail, WeChat, etc.) leading to increased revenues and reduced costs while meeting the strictest regulatory requirements. APrivacy’s platform is based on a unique and patented data-centric approach to security which acts as a security layer that comes on top of any application.

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Axonify is the world’s first eLearning platform that delivers knowledge in a fun, bite-sized and personalized way. Our unique approach identifies and closes critical knowledge gaps in real time, improving long-term retention and achieving significant financial outcomes for our customers. With hundreds of thousands of learners – and growing – organizations like Walmart, Toys”R”Us and Johnson & Johnson use Axonify to make their employees smarter, every day.

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BigRoad provides a smart phone and web based tracking solution targeting the approximately 85% of North American fleet operators that do not have them today. BigRoad’s applications can be used to better manage their fleet operations, with an engaging smart phone application that their drivers want to use.

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blueRover is a leader in the development of M2M communications. We design engineer, manufacture, market and support compact M2M enterprise modules that enable machines, devices and vehicles to communicate, effectively and independent of human intervention, via wireless networks. Machine to Machine technology is rapidly evolving to meet ever-increasing industry demands. The integration of complementary technologies, such as Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and ZigBee, makes our Titan product an indispensable industry tool.

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Bonfire is a SaaS web app that acts as ‘mission control’ for public sector purchasing teams, streamlining their procurement workflow for better decisions in 50% the time of existing manual processes.

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Boom Digital Media Group

Boom Digital Media Group develops skill and social gaming applications, and entertainment content for web and mobile platforms.

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ChangeIt®, founded by David Beaton, is a patent protected crowdsourced charitable giving platform that leverages the rapid shift from cash to electronic purchases by bringing together financial institutions, charities, and socially conscious consumers. ChangeIt® enables users to register existing debit/credit cards, eWallets, or other electronic payment methods, in a simple, automated, and secure platform that allows users to support their favorite charitable organizations by simply rounding-up each purchase, creating Virtual Change®, and automatically directing this Virtual Change® to the charitable organizations THEY choose!

ChangeIt®, whose mission is to make charitable giving a part of every person’s everyday purchases, is a Certified Benefit Corporation and a member of Imagine Canada’s Caring Company Program.

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Clearpath Robotics

Clearpath™ Inc. designs, manufacturers, and operates the most advanced network of self-driving vehicles to over 500 of the world’s most innovative brands. As a global leader in autonomous vehicles for off-road work, Clearpath’s self-driving technology enables organizations to automate their dullest, deadliest and dirtiest jobs. Between the industrial and research divisions, Clearpath Robotics™ and OTTO™ Motors, the company primarily serves the global manufacturing logistics, aerospace, and defence sectors. Since being founded in 2009, a total of 2,000 vehicles have been deployed in over 40 countries worldwide. Customers include Fortune 100 brands like General Electric, Honda, NASA, John Deere, and Toyota. Visit for more information.

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ClevrU™ is an intelligent video centric mobile e-learning platform designed for foreign students. ClevrU™ proprietary technology delivers the essence of in class experience and enhances it with real time references and social networking by adapting to students needs using meta data collected on the individual and adapted using granular analytics.

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Client Outlook

Client Outlook is a Waterloo-based start-up that develops medical software solutions to improve diagnostic image access and management and facilitate patient-centered, collaborative care. eUnity is a web-based tool that allows teams of medical experts to collaborate online. It offers integrated, real-time communication through streaming video and audio and its virtual classroom acts as a forum for creating and delivering educational content that supports critical information events like grand rounds. eUnity is built on patent-pending technology that facilitates the delivery of full-fidelity Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine (DICOM)-format medical images remotely or at the point of care through nothing more than a commonly configured web browser.

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CrossChasm Technologie

FleetCarma (a division of CrossChasm) is the #1 connected car platform for Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the World. The powerful platform originally developed for FleetCarma has since been adapted to provide a general platform for businesses looking to build business-class connected-vehicle apps. How cars are bought, driven, fuelled and connected is changing radically. The CrossChasm team has an important role to play in accelerating and guiding this rebirth of the auto industry.


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Cyborg Trading Systems

Founded in 2008, Cyborg Trading Systems, now known as Embium specializes in the development of automated trading technology for global financial firms, including hedge funds, brokers, banks, exchanges and professional traders. Its industry-leading technology streamlines the development and implementation of sophisticated algorithmic strategies. Cloud Trader is Embium’s flagship multi-asset, broker agnostic automation solution. It enables rapid development, testing and seamless global deployment of algorithmic strategies through multiple brokers at any number of venues.

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Deep Trekker

Deep Trekker’s mission is simple: we want to give anyone on the earth an opportunity to explore the depths of our vast oceans, seas, lakes, or rivers with an ROV. Consumers have been given tools to explore land and sky using many different products, and even space can be explored using a simple telescope.

Admittedly, ROVs are available now to explore the ocean, but the products currently on the market are restricted to commercial missions due to their cost and complexity. At Deep Trekker Inc. we believe that the ROV technology is here and our manufacturing processes are efficient enough to move forward on the development of a new breed of submersible.

Our ROVs are completely and meticulously assembled and tested in Canada by our team of skilled engineers and technologists. Every submersible undergoes a rigorous product delivery inspection and in-water pressure testing before we ship it out to our customers

Based in southern Ontario, Canada, Deep Trekker is within close proximity to world class universities and colleges, as well as a vast array of supporting industry.

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DossierView Inc.

DossierView Inc. is a Canadian-controlled private corporation founded by Stephen Bacso, a serial entrepreneur and Dr. Andrew Wong, Professor Emeritus and founder of the Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence Lab at the University of Waterloo.

By embracing and extending existing search technologies, DossierView’s patent-pending technology provides relevant information faster by making search predictive and collaborative. Instead of reactively asking for information and manually sifting through the results, the information you want and the people who have it come to you.

DossierView’s office started at the Waterloo Research & Technology Park at the Accelerator Centre, Waterloo’s most prestigious incubator for high-tech startup ventures. Since then, the company has graduated to its own space in The Tannery District in downtown Kitchener. The Tannery District also houses several high profile technology companies, including Desire2Learn and Google.

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Dyverga Energy

Dyverga Energy is a cleantech company with a proprietary green technology to convert waste heat into useful AC electrical power, available on-demand or on a 24/7 basis. This breakthrough technology will profitably reduce the advancement of greenhouse gas emissions and be a building block in SmartGrid energy systems of the future. The waste heat can be from a multitude of man-made sources such as industrial, commercial, transportation and residential applications and/or naturally from solar, geothermal, ocean thermal or biomass resources.

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Millions of geospatial images are collected by satellites, airplanes, and vehicles every day. With large amounts of data becoming available at an increasing rate, efficient retrieval and organization of useful information from this data has become a large issue. As a result, much of this information is not accessible to those who need it most.

Ecopia Tech creates intelligent systems that vastly improve the process of analyzing geospatial imagery through the employment of computer vision techniques.

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eleven-X™ is operator of Canada’s first and only coast-to-coast public low power network optimized for the Internet of Things [IoT]. Our public low power IoT network enables the promise of Smart Cities, Smart Buildings and Campuses, and Enterprise IoT applications. Supporting the use of low-cost battery-powered sensors, the network addresses many Internet of Things use cases where requirements include wireless connectivity, devices that require long battery life, no maintenance and a low total cost of ownership.

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Energent provides energy-intensive facilities in North America with automated, real-time energy information solutions for reducing their energy costs and lowering their carbon emissions. Our energy information solutions provide clients with meaningful, customized energy information for their facility, allowing them to make effective decisions to manage and reduce their energy use.

Client energy information systems are automated and maintained by staff and equipment located at Energent’s Operations Data Centre. Real-time information is automatically collected from and delivered to the client via the internet.

This delivery platform provides many operational and cost benefits to clients, as outlined in the Energent Advantage on our website. Our information systems are convenient to use, successful in achieving results, and have a lower cost of ownership than traditional in-house systems.

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Eventastic will help you fill more seats, drive more traffic to your event, generate more revenue and raise more funds — all while tracking, rewarding and motivating your volunteers/employees to succeed like never before.

We provide you with all of the building blocks for successful event planning, team organization and execution.

  • Coordinate all your event details in one stylish webpage, tailored exactly to your needs.
  • Streamline ticketing, merchandise sales, gift registry, charitable donation and cash gifting processes
  • Automate your silent auction to take the stress off your team and bolster larger donations and higher bids
  • Easily incorporate video and social media into your event marketing and promotion efforts
  • Supports any event of any size, and in most of the worldwide currencies

Best of all, Eventastic is quick and easy to use. And it’s always free for free events.

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Eyedro Green Solutions Inc.

Eyedro Green Solutions Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of electronics and web-based services, with a focus on electricity monitoring and analysis. Our goal is to make electricity monitoring affordable, understandable, and accessible to every home owner and small business. Understanding energy usage leads to energy savings, cost savings, and peace of mind. With the Eyedro monitoring service, access your data from anywhere, anytime.

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FindBob Ltd.

FindBob helps insurance and financial institutions encourage better transition behaviour so they can protect the value of their most precious asset – their book of business.  FindBob was founded by Roland Chan, a former enterprise software architect and successor to a mid-sized insurance and investment practice in Toronto, after witnessing firsthand the impact lack of continuity planning can have on the industry, advisors, firms and especially consumers.  Thanks to the support of the AC, FindBob is now serving some of the largest insurance and mutual fund companies in Canada and is focusing its efforts on its US expansion plans.


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Homick Labs

Homick Labs provides a cross-platform monetization engine for mobile applications that increases in-app purchasing revenues.

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InfiniDy is a mobile gaming company discovered by two University of Waterloo Graduates. We have created multiple games for the iOS that have enjoyed Top places at the Top Paid Games charts on the App Store. Our game 9,000 BC, which we developed in 2009, was featured by Apple as one of the Best Archer Games! Then came “2012 Zombies Vs Aliens” which enjoyed top spots in Top Paid Games in the US and other worldwide App Stores! Our latest title, Happy Park, has received millions of downloads and continues to be a global success!

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Intellijoint Surgical

Intellijoint Surgical® develops and commercializes 3D mini-optical navigation solutions. Intellijoint’s flagship product, intellijoint HIP® provides surgeons with real-time, intraoperative measurements to ensure proper positioning of orthopaedic implants during Total Hip Arthroplasty. Intellijoint is committed to driving clinical results through the development of solutions that are accessible, fast, and easy-to-use. Intellijoint Surgical is setting the standard surgical navigation.

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InTheChat is a social sales and service company powered by an advanced text analytics engine that reads, categorizes and delivers social media posts to their clients for action. ITC’s Insights solution drives fast decision-making for companies in competitive industries, while their Sales & Service platform enables real-time consumer engagement via the social web.

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Karos Health

Karos Health develops products that enable collaboration in healthcare, improving the quality of patient care around the world. Our Rialto platform empowers healthcare enterprises to implement cross-community access to information, facilitating collaboration between healthcare providers and patients. Through our experienced leadership, our network of partners, and our amazingly talented team, we are driven by our mission, values, and sense of social responsibility to bring innovative products to our customers.

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Kik was founded in 2009, when a small but incredibly passionate group of University of Waterloo students decided to build a company that would shift the center of computing from the PC to the phone.

Fast forward to today, and Kik Messenger has become the simplest, fastest, most life-like chat experience you can get on a smartphone. And unlike other messengers, Kik usernames – not phone numbers – are the basis for Kik user accounts, so our users are in complete control of who they talk to on Kik.

But Kik isn’t just about instant messaging. Kik fans are already exchanging videos, sketches, stickers and more, with mobile web pages optimized for Kik using Kik’s Developer Tools that help developers optimize, distribute and monetize their web content. And with our new built-in browser, users can search for and send any web site – all without leaving Kik, and all without downloading anything new.

To top it all off, we’re backed by major brand-name VC’s – the same firms that first helped Twitter, Foursquare, Zynga and others rise to world domination.

With over 120 million users and an incredible team, our plans are well underway.

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Knowledge in Development

At Knowledge in Development, we bring online the science of children’s communication and language assessment direct to speech-language pathologists, health professionals, researchers and parents. We are the publisher of the Language Use Inventory (LUI), a scientifically validated tool for assessing a child’s language development, developed by founder Prof. Daniela O’Neill (professor and director of the University of Waterloo’s Centre for Child Studies). The LUI is used by speech-language pathologists, clinicians, and researchers in community clinics, hospitals, and schools boards across Canada, the U.S., and internationally in the U.K., New Zealand, and Australia. Eleven translations into other languages are underway.

The LUI is available in hardcopy form and via at an online platform at that enables speech-language and health professionals and researchers to send a link to parents for easy and convenient administration and quicker identification of children who may have a delay or impairment with spoken language and be in need of intervention. 

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LoyaltyMatch Inc.

LoyaltyMatch offers our clients in the live music and entertainment industry a SaaS loyalty platform providing deep customer analytics through AI and machine learning. We curate customer knowledge from social, commerce (tickets, merch, F&B), streaming, invenue and other customer touch points to assist venues in identifying their best customers for increasing revenue. LoyaltyMatch venue partners include the Merriweather Post Pavilion, Anthem, 9:30 Club, Lincoln DC, Crystal Ballroom, Lola’s, TD Kitchener Bluesfest, Marquee and others.

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Magnet Forensics

Magnet Forensics is a global leader in the development of software solutions for digital forensic professionals to assist in building the best possible cases. Our flagship software, Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) was developed by a former police officer and forensic examiner who recognized the need for an easy to use, comprehensive tool to help perform digital investigations.

Since its creation, IEF has quickly become a trusted solution for thousands of the world’s top law enforcement, government, military and corporate organizations in over 92 countries, used to recover a broad range of Internet-related communications. Court-admissible evidence recovered by IEF from computer hard drives and live memory can include webmail, browser history, social networking and cloud applications, P2P files and instant messaging communications; and has been used to support a wide-variety of investigations including cybercrimes, child exploitation, terrorism, human resource disputes, fraud, and intellectual property theft.

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Mespere Lifesciences Inc

Mespere Lifesciences Inc. is a start-up focused on developing the next generation of medical devices. Mespere’s proprietary technology provides breakthrough real time non-invasive cardiac visualization. An estimated 80 million Americans have one or more types of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Nearly 2,400 Americans die of CVD each day, an average of one death every 37 seconds. Nearly 17 million people worldwide die every year from cardiovascular disease. Mespere is developing a non-invasive product pipeline based upon near infrared spectroscopy to non-invasively measure the central venous pressure within central venous blood vessels. The CVP monitor provides comprehensive information to help assess and monitor patients, reducing costs while maintaining patient care.

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Based out of Kitchener, Ontario, Miovision is a technology organization that creates intelligent traffic data collection solutions to address challenges facing today’s transportation networks. Miovision also has a European office in Cologne, Germany and boasts customers across 5 continents and in over 40 countries.

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Monstercat Media

Monstercat Media is a promotion company, electronic music label and advertising agency. Electronic music from artists around the world is promoted through the company’s YouTube channel and social media outlets, then sold on compilation albums through distributors such as iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Zune and Google Music.

In addition to music distribution Monstercat Media is growing an advertising network of independent YouTube channels. Monstercat Media offers monetization of content (advertisement placement), copyright protection and promotion through the network. The network is experiencing rapid growth and is currently the largest music network on YouTube.

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Mozzaz delivers a consumer-driven collaborative care solution that connects care providers with the consumer through mobile technology for the intellectual developmental disability (I/DD) market.

Mozzaz provides care everywhere – consisting of specialized apps, such as talkingtiles, for individuals that encourage patient engagement, integrate with the care provider’s case management system, deliver effective treatment programs, and close the loop to drive accountable care.

Founded by individuals with a personal connection to special needs and disabilities, the Mozzaz team has embraced a mission to create high-quality, valuable, and affordable care solutions. Working in close collaboration with researchers, educators, practitioners and families, Mozzaz’s care everywhere solution addresses the needs of professionals who work with I/DD individuals on a daily basis.

Mozzaz has developed strategic alliances with healthcare industry partners and technology leaders to deliver secure and trusted solutions to market.

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Nicoya Lifesciences

Nicoya Lifesciences uses nanotechnology to create revolutionary sensor products that will change the world of biotechnology, lifesciences, and healthcare. Their first product, OpenSPR, reduces the cost of biointeraction testing by 90%, allowing rapid development of new pharmaceuticals, therapeutics, and diagnostics.

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Plasticity Labs

Rooted in neurosciences and positive psychology, Plasticity builds the happiest, highest performing workforce to boost mood and employee morale.

The Plasticity mobile and web platform teaches employees the psychological traits of flourishing to create highly engaged corporate cultures. A fun, social collaboration environment with a singular focus on company culture also measures social/emotional-intelligence to guide predictive psychological fitness training.

Our mission is to improve the experience of life and work for millions of individuals and the organizations where they work.

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Perspecsys Inc.

Perspecsys Inc. is a leading provider of cloud data control solutions that enable mission critical cloud applications to be adopted throughout the enterprise. Perspecsys gives organizations the ability to understand how employees are using cloud applications and take the necessary steps to protect sensitive information before it leaves the network. By removing the technical, legal and financial risks of placing sensitive data in the cloud, Perspecsys makes the public cloud private. Based in Toronto, Perspecsys Inc. is a privately held company backed by investors, including Intel Capital, Paladin Capital and Ascent Venture Partners.

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Plum helps reveal the greatness in people to help your company succeed. Plum’s People Statement™ helps you evaluate all job applicants and internal team members to determine their potential to be successful in any role or team in your company, and successful people generate results. Plum’s cloud based hiring solution assesses each job applicant’s problem solving ability and personality priorities, the main predictors of job performance, quickly identifying those candidates with the right fit. We test everyone; before any resumes are read, before you decide who to interview and it can’t be gamed by a candidate.

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Primal Fusion Inc.

Primal is a leading AI research company that builds knowledge graphs in real time, allowing companies to better understand meaning, even in small data environments. With over $25 million in private funding invested in R&D, Primal has built one of Canada’s most significant international AI patent portfolios with 145 patents. Primal’s augmented intelligence platform combines advanced semantic synthesis and knowledge representation to understand text. To stay up to date with Primal, visit and follow @Primal on Twitter.

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RENOMii is simplifying the renovation change order process through quick change orders, tracked approvals, communication and project file access.

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Rose Athena

Rose Athena, an innovative fashion e-retailer, gives women the opportunity to personalize dresses just the way they want them. Customers can choose from over 2500 dress designs, with each garment handcrafted from the finest quality materials including fabrics such as Pima cotton used by other premium brands. Customers can assemble their own personalized dress, tailored specifically to their taste and form using Rose Athena’s sizing chart, and by selecting from an assortment of design elements such as neckline, sleeve length, hemline, and color. Each completed dress is then delivered straight to the customer’s door.

The concept of Rose Athena came about when two of the co-founders realized how extremely difficult it was to find dresses designed to their liking while form fitting to their body shapes. Now, here is your chance to take advantage of this great opportunity – create your own personalized dresses on the Rose Athena website!

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We believe businesses should make customers smile. As the industry leader in reward programs, allows businesses to reward their customers how they want, when they want, and for the reasons they want.

We have thousands of live programs of different sizes, from small local stores to billion dollar businesses. Our programs have more than 50 million participants around the world. Chances are you are already a member of one of these programs.

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Sober Steering

Sober Steering is developing a steering-wheel based interlock system to prevent drunk driving. Through the natural interaction between a driver’s hands and the steering wheel, Sober Steering’s unique transdermal sensor technology analyzes the pre-sweat vapors exuded from the skin to determine driver impairment. The Sober Steering solution is invisible to passengers and requires no change in driver behaviour, eliminating the social stigma traditionally associated with existing technologies. Sober Steering’s first product – the Zero-Tolerance System – will be marketed primarily to convicted DUI offenders – who are mandated by Canadian law to install interlock devices – and fleet vehicle companies.

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At Sortable, our goal is to allow publishers to stop worrying about their online ads so they can focus on doing what they do best: creating great content.

Sortable’s Ad Engine works behind the scenes using machine learning to optimize ad impressions. We analyze millions of impressions daily and make real-time decisions on which networks should fill ad space. Instead of working with hundreds of partners and technologies to optimize revenue, publishers just use us – we handle everything, and the publishers save time and make more money.


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SparkMatrix Technologies Inc.

SparkMatrix Technologies Inc.’s technology is a web-based service software. Currently this technology is being used to automate property management. Integrated software applications enable tenant relationship management, facilities management and financial management. This software is designed for multi-dwelling property management and is currently being used by numerous Privately and Publicly operated management entities including CBS Property Management and Wilfrid Laurier University.


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At the forefront of Viewer Intelligence™, SSIMWAVE™ is built on an Engineering Emmy® Award-winning algorithm. SSIMWAVE is defining the future of video delivery with the most accurate measure of how humans perceive video. With SSIMWAVE technology, video distributors, networks and studios can keep up with the explosive growth of video and deliver the ultimate viewing experience™ to consumers on any screen, anywhere.

Our customers include major players in the media, entertainment and MVPD (Multichannel Video Programming Distributor) industries and our state-of-the-art products provide the most optimal way to measure, control and optimize live and file-based video.

We’re a growing team of engineers, video scientists, product and business experts. Our diverse team is driven to advance the business of video

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Tangam Systems

Tangam Systems develops business intelligence solutions designed to maximize the profitability of casino table games. Tangam has worked with over 35 casinos worldwide, including in Macau, Las Vegas, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, and remains the only software provider to effectively utilize mathematical algorithms to optimize spread planning, and dynamically manage the gaming floor.

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TeTechS Inc. is a leading innovator of advanced terahertz vision sensor technology solutions for industrial and scientific applications. TeTechS draws on the distinctive characteristics of leading-edge terahertz technology to develop unique vision sensor solutions that use terahertz waves to find previously undetectable objects and defects in advanced manufacturing processes. The terahertz vision sensors can see through opaque barriers to make objects and defects behind those barriers visible, and can identify materials in mixtures and composites by resolving their unique spectral signatures. The customers’ problems can be solved in ways that cannot be address by other technologies such as visible, infrared, and x-ray vision sensors. The company’s target is to become the major terahertz vision sensor technology solutions provider to the industries worldwide.

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TextNow develops inventive mobile applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Founded by two computer engineers from the University of Waterloo, Enflick creates mobile solutions that expand the potential of today’s leading mobile platforms. Recent products include Unlimited SMS and Mail Notifier. Unlimited SMS provides a fast and reliable texting method that provides a cost-effective alternative to other currently available products. Mail Notifier delivers the highly demanded push e-mail experience to iPhone and iPod Touch users. Innovative and dedicated, the Enflick team keeps consumers in mind to design user-friendly products that make people’s lives easier.

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TitanFile provides companies with a safe, online environment where compliant, cross-enterprise collaboration happens.

TitanFile makes it simple. We gather all your important contacts and confidential documents at the tip of your finger and make them accessible through any device. As a result, companies are able to send and receive confidential data such as case files, medical records, or insurance claims in less than ten seconds of their time. The best part is – our cloud service offers enterprises a secure, compliant solution that not only safeguards employees, but also clients, partners, and vendors as well. By using TitanFile for all file sharing and communication, companies remain accountable and fulfil all government privacy requirements under HIPAA and PIPEDA, without having to expend extra effort.

Our goal is to take away security and compliance concerns of file sharing and communications so you can focus on collaborating, building relationships, and taking over the world.

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Top Hat Monocle

Top Hat Monocle, headquartered in Toronto and with offices in San Francisco, Chicago and Sydney, is the leading mobile classroom participation provider, making the classroom experience more engaging, rewarding and effective for instructors and students at over 250 universities worldwide.

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TrafficSoda gives online marketers the power to drive a tsunami of organic, targeted web traffic to their site. The system interacts with online audiences across thousands of channels, through value driven conversations, curiosity and comprehensive analytics.

TrafficSoda’s unique approach to scalable lead generation allows online marketers to dominate their match-to-market over time.

TrafficSoda is part of the Laurier LaunchPad program.

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Trending.Info creates a digital sidewalk of social media buzz about a community. Residents and visitors can go to one website using their computer, tablet or smart phone and see recent, current and future information about a community. Information details include events, specials, promotions and general day to day information that is useful and fun. Businesses, services, groups and associations within the community who use social media, benefit from having their posts showcased for free, in this simple and easy to use website. We are a community’s social pulse.

By aggregating and selecting online social media posts, comments and tweets about particular communities (geographical or by interest), we help people, businesses and municipalities get the word out about what’s going on now and in the near future. People who are interested in that community can then read all the real-time stream of social media that is relevant. Choose categories from within a community to further fine-tune your interests so you get only the information that’s important to you. Plus, it’s completely free to read.

Build your Business, Assist your Association, Grow your Group, Communicate about your Community with Trending.Info. Having a “community” in Trending.Info means local businesses can post real-time information about products, services, events, specials and promotions. Cultural activities from festivals, concerts, fundraisers and special events will benefit by reaching an audience curious about what’s happening. Associations and groups can grow awareness and membership. Whenever someone tweets about your community, and meets the moderator’s guidelines, it will appear on Trending.Info. Visitors and residents benefit by knowing what’s going on immediately plus they can visit specific websites related to posts for more information. This means visitors can plan better and discover more about a destination!

This subscription platform also generates revenue that can is shared with the hosting organization or individual who takes on the curation/advertising role. Trend your community to be that local champion while earning an income. Find out the “insider” information about the things that interest you from people who know and care about it, too. It’s your one source of real time, real information from real people.

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TribeHR was acquired in 2013 by NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), the industry’s leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP and omnichannel commerce software suites. For more information about NetSuite and its family of product offerings.

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Trust Point Innovation Technologies, Inc.

TrustPoint was acquired by ETAS on February 8, 2017.

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