Our Clients

Our Clients

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AceAge is a hardware company that makes it easy for patients to take the right medication at the right time.

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The Airo.Life Free Phone is about to revolutionize the smartphone, telecom and ad world forever. We give end users a quality Free Phone with a data plan for free with the understanding the end user sees non-intrusive ads on the top and bottom of the device on the OS level. Brands and advertisers will reap the highest ad-viewability in the World.



Aterlo Networks

Aterlo Networkinc. is a Waterloo-based startup company that builds innovative software products to improve the quality of experience for Internet users. Our NightShift product makes it possible for people with slow or limited-usage Internet to experience high quality streaming video by time-shifting streaming services such as Netflix. We are a small team of networking experts who are solving hard problems and are focused on building great things.

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BANEKS is the world-first sharing currency platform. Our mandate is to disrupt the foreign exchange market buy building a peer-to-peer currency exchange platform. We match the demands of currency exchange from all over the world so that customers can change money with each other directly with fairest rate, removing the middle-man. We enable our customer to have a border-less multi-currency wallet,  allowing them to load money, change money, and withdraw money from anywhere in the world. 

Our customers can even make money through our platform. Our product is based on the sharing-economy model similar to Uber or Airbnb. Instead of sharing space in the car or home, our customers can share their spared money with the people who need that currency, and get commission from each transaction.

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Brisk Synergies

Brisk Synergies delivers solutions that assist urban planners and engineers to quickly and easily collect, monitor and analyze traffic movement video data. A deeper understanding of road safety conflict incidences patterns allows cities to make smarter traffic infrastructure decisions to increase mobility and reduce collisions and injuries.

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Consolidated Learning 

Provides businesses with an app platform for delivering timely content to define audiences. With the RASA app platform you can create everything from monthly posts to realtime conference updates, onboarding and ongoing training modules for staff, and promotional and educational material for clients. Consolidate all your communications in one place and deliver your content inside a customizable app to increase customer loyalty and brand recognition.

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Information security risks pose a growing challenge for businesses of all sizes and in all industries due to a lack of budget, time, and expertise.

Derisk helps small and mid-sized businesses identify and manage their information security risks through simple and quick tasks which don’t require a big budget, security specialists, or weeks to accomplish. 

Eagle Visions Systems - Client Logos Square-23

Eagle Vision Systems

Eagle Vision Systems is an electronics design and manufacturing company that uses leading edge technology to develop motion control solutions.

We have designed and manufactured for the mobile hydraulics industry since 2001. Our product designs are currently used on crane trucks, concrete trucks, gravel trucks, slip form vehicles, and more.

We offer standard products that can be private labeled, and custom designed products for your specific needs.

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At Emmetros, we are making it is easier for people with cognitive impairments, such as those presented by dementia, to live independently and with dignity.

We develop useful and easy to use information software in collaboration with people affected by cognitive impairments, partner with organizations to make complex information and health-related research databases useful, usable, and accessible, and we collaborate with research institutions and industry partners to influence and create standards for cognitive accessibility.

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EXO Insights

EXO Insights simulator is a powerful and versatile workforce training solution for safety, research and process optimization. The system immerses trainees in VR and AR environments, and collects behavioural data that can’t be gathered through observation or interviews.

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FINTECH 200x200


We are a UK-Canada based fintech venture production studio. The F/T hub incubates spoke ventures through development, resource sharing, investment, and joint ventures. 

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Flow Filters

Flow has created the worlds first reusable carbon filter for odour elimination and Volatile Organica compound control. We make filters for cannabis cultivation and consumer smoking. Our reusable model makes Flow Filters, more economic, efficient and easy to use.

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Get benchmarked against your industry peers. Manage your innovation strategy with predictive analytics and up-to-the-minute risk management. Get focused, transparent engagement and collaboration like you’ve never seen it before.

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Horizon Engineering Solutions

Horizon Engineering Solutions is striving to be the market leader in building automation services. At Horizon, we offer various building automation services for a variety of industries such as Hospitality, Manufacturing, Commercial buildings, Hospitals and more. In addition to building automation services, we also provide energy monitoring and control services that help buildings optimize the energy distribution and operate at a better efficiency.

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InkSmith 3D Printing

We are re-imagining education using 3D printers as the hardware tool for enabling adaptive “STEAM+” educational programming. Our hardware and curriculum platform will engage students as they learn the fundamentals of robotics, code, design, and a variety of other engineering principles in an integrated, cross-curricular environment.

Day to day, InkSmith works on a variety of commissioned projects from prototyping to small batch manufacturing and even custom designed promotional giveaways/decorations. We help people bring their ideas to life!

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Levade is building technology enabled teaching and learning tool to be used in private lessons in the equestrian sport. Through the app Levade, located on his phone, the coach records important instructions, information and key words during a lesson. Student, coach, and horse owner will be able to access this information at any  time after the lesson, and are able to track training progress, be more precise in practicing on their own and preparing for the next lesson. Recording, and reviewing key insights will result in faster progress and create a permanent log for lesson money spent. Revenue is created by selling memberships to the users who are students, coaches and horse owners.

Initially Levade will be launched in North America and Germany, and available in both English and German language.

Levade is scalale to other fast pace activities/sports where note taking is impossible due to the no hands free activity.

Levade- Elevate your ride!

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Livescape is currently a consulting company that helps clients choose the best living wall or green roof for their space and budget. Livescape is in the easrlyy stages of exploring the biofilter market. 

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MagnusCards is a free app that combines a proven method of instruction (Social Stories) with elements of game design to help people learn life skills. With Magnus as your guide, you can collect and create digital Card Decks, which provide step-by-step instructions for various social interactions, situations, behaviours, and activities. For example: grocery shopping, doing laundry, and taking the bus.

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My Smart Cocoon

My Smart Cocoon creates home automation systems that save homeowners time and money while giving them a simple and customizable system that gives great control over your home. Their first system is designed to give better temperature control and distribution throughout the home, even in rooms where the temperature fluctuates greatly from the average temperature of the house.

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Serving a wide range of industries from flexible electronics, to aerospace, to automotive, NanoCnet is disrupting the silver conductive materials market with revolutionary materials purpose-designed to unleash the next generation of product innovation in electronics and other industry applications. The company’s flagship product NanoSilvex is a highly conductive, flexible and durable material designed to replace silver nanowires and silver nanoparticles, and can also be used in pastes, paints, resins and expoxies.

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For independent contractors who want to work less hours and make more money, Phyxter is a mobile platform that uses Artificial Intelligence and Nudge Theory to automate business management and maximize profits. 

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Quali Al

Quali Al builds powerful general Artificial Intelligence software that enable robots to do what they can’t do today. Industrial and collaborative robots alone can only operate in highly structured environments blindly, without the ability to dynamically perceive and make judgements about task at hand. Our integrated solution enables robots to see and think, allowing them to perform wealth of physical tasks that require dynamic response. 

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Building better business ecosystems by leveraging data management.

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Rapid Novor

Rapid Novor Inc is the world leader in antibody protein sequencing. Specializing in the field of mass spectrometry-based proteomics, the team has developed the REmAb™ technology to directly sequence the antibody proteins without needs to access the cell line.

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Site Safety Solutions - Client Logos Square-32

Site Safety Solutions

Site Safety Solutions is a software that allows construction companies in Ontario the ability to bring their health and safety program online, stay compliant with rules and regulations and keep their workers safe. The mobile application is a simple, comprehensive and affordable way to assure worker safety on site. This is made easy with safety documents and training certificate storage, online checklists, digital signatures and adding photos and your health and safety program will always stay up to date with the convenient reminder notifications. Unlike the paper based DIY and other complex, expensive software compliance systems that are geared to just assisting the employer, Site Safety Solutions is a free download with quick health and safety reference material that will help the employee make the right health and safety decision on site. Site Safety Solutions is the future of safety saving time, saving money and saving lives!

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Word of mouth doesn’t have to happen by accident. We’ll give you the tools you need to find and engage the real people who can make a difference. Looking for help? We can work with you every step of the way, from developing campaign ideas to managing your influences. 

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Technology Trace Inc. 

Technology Trace is working with Medical Device and Pharmaceutical organizations to provide a secure and cost-effective solution for companies to track high valued Medical Device assets globally so that they can meet current regulatory requirements while generating operating savings. 

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Discover your favorite shows and podcasts! 

With Tunevu, watching television or listening to the radio need not be a one dimensional experience.

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Universal Quantum Devices 

UQD offers electronic instruments for precise time correlation and counting of detections events in quantum optics research. This device is the ideal solution for researchers studying photon sources, implementations of quantum communication or cryptography. But most importantly, this device is specifically designed for the research on multi-photon experiments, which may be spread across several detectors. 

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UseINBOX was incorporated in 2011 from the conviction that; being the oldest means of communication in the digital world, e-mail will be as important of a communication channel in the future. Developed by our engineers with the help of the knowledge and experiences we had in the market, UseINBOX’s online email marketing platform was released in October 2014 and received positive feedbacks from the start. Today, UseINBOX serves for more than five thousand clients in forty countries and the numbers are increasing everyday. Growing continously, UseINBOX made an important move for the recent CASL compliance requirements to serve Canadian businesses as well.

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Visionary Semiconductor Inc. 

Visionary Semiconductor Inc. (VSemi), is a fabless semiconductor company that designs advanced imaging devices to solve both business problem and technical hurdles of 3D imaging. We focus on realizing color imaging and Time of Flight (ToF) depth mapping with one compact device and therefore solve the heavy computing and form factor problems of current 3D Imaging technologies. Our products extend from the source of 3D imaging technology, advanced image sensors, to turn-key solution, 3D imaging device and modules with Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities.

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VitRuvian Sport Systems

Vitruvian Sport Systems

Vitruvian Sport Systems is developing an immersive environment utilizing VR (virtual reality) technology to provide strategic and mental training for soccer players. Their first product, Zone VR will leverage emerging hardware and software technologies to provide an interactive experience that will enhance the player’s understanding of strategies and improve the quality and speed of their decision making in game situations.

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Xenium offers a wide range of IT services to manage your current technology needs and help you plan for the future.

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XYZ Interactive Technologies Inc.

XYZ Interactive Technologies Inc. provides a low-cost method to identify the absolute x, y, and z position of an object in space, as well as its orientation with roll, pitch, yaw. It has patent claims that cover the entire electromagnetic spectrum, with immediate market focus on Infrared embodiments with both Reflective and Active Applications.

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Instant and on demand study help for students over messaging. It’s like having a tutor in your pocket, only fast, anonymous, accessible 24/7 and affordable. 

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Empowered cybersecurity decisions with purpose rather than fear. Zabu illuminates your business’s exposure to cybersecurity threats and helps you reduce risk.

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