Accelerator Program Clients

56 Studios is a Kitchener based Game Studio with the aim to reach out to as many players as possible by bridging the gap between platforms. The mobile game market and the console game market generally are mutually exclusive and we want to break that exclusivity. We want our players to be able to play our game on their console or PC, then when they have to go out (to school for instance) they’re able to continue playing on their phone without loss of functionality or quality.

AceAge is a hardware company that makes it easy for patients to take the right medication at the right time.

AgNition is dedicated to producing exceptional mobile software solutions for the agriculture and agri-food sector. We understand farming and food, and we love technology. We specialize in emerging technologies related to mobile applications and mobile web for all platforms. We build products that deliver essential solutions to progressive farmers and agri-food businesses.

Alert Labs’ affordable basement monitoring solutions connect directly to the cellular network, are easy to install by anyone in under 2 minutes, require no WiFi, and give real-time and historical info on water consumption, leaks, floods, temperature, and more. Alert Labs’ products tell landlords, property managers, and homeowners what’s going on in their basements even when they’re not there, so they can avoid damage and save money, time, and natural resources.

Connect with a Psychologist from anywhere.,


Almost every college, university and purpose-built residence has the same problem, an excess supply of beds in the student off-season. One at a time, property and campus housing managers they try to fill them but it’s not working. Many get high grades for operations and customer satisfaction. But Marketing beds available only 4 months a year to new travelers isn’t a core strength of a place of learning. Instead, there are ball teams and wedding guests and alot of empty beds. This is an expensive problem. However, this period of availability happens to also be during North America’s prime tourist season. And, hotels are experiencing their highest occupancy rate since 1984. So, why high vacancy during high demand periods? Answer: because it’s inaccessible. People do not know how to find them. There’s alot of noise. It’s not easy to stand out. The good news is it’s a problem that’s shared in other countries too, and they have different student calendars which extends availability season around the world. That’s where we come in. An online-booking source bringing together surplus university and college-like residences, dorms, beds and rooms world-wide for overnight accommodation. Independent, higher-quality beds at low-costs for travelers, working together with partners, bed owners and property managers – they will succeed as we do, and proportionate to their participation, sharing the fun aspects of their community under one recognized brand: Backpacker College (TM).

Brisk Synergies delivers end-to-end solutions and services to monitor and predict traffic flow to improve urban mobility. Brisk Flo collects and analyzes real-time and historic traffic flow data in the Cloud, allowing city planners to make informed decisions on improving road networks. Brisk Cycle allows municipalities and/or transportation agencies to collect GPS data from smartphones, and integrates with all available sources of information such as bike counters and surveys.

Care Connector is a mobile application that allows front-line clinicians to easily coordinate patient care, including hand-offs during shift changes.

With the crazy housing market these days, more individuals are renting instead of buying, while many people are also seeing the value of purchasing income properties to rent out. Cassle is a two-pronged solution to this rising house trend. For tenants, once a profile is filled, it searches for homes, giving a potential tenant a list of properties they are most likely to select, showcasing landlord ratings, neighborhood information and verified pictures thus reducing stress and time wasted viewing homes. For homeowners, it brings in a professional platform to manage the home easier by integrating key handyman, local businesses and a messaging system to limit unwarranted emails/phone calls, all at a touch of a button. For example, a landlord out of town can send Jim the Internet Guy to the house. Cassle will send prior notice to tenants and the internet can get fixed in a timely fashion even though the landlord cannot be present. A landlord can now manage multiple homes via Cassle, remotely, ensuring tenant issues are resolved at all times.

DataTellIt designs technologies to serve people better, making living smarter, safer and more energy-saving. We provide holistic data solutions for both household and industrial uses, including IoT modules, smart devices, as well as the generation, storage, analysis and utilization of Big Data. We are currently working on two products: Smart Node is a multi-purpose IoT module based on Particle Photon/P1 with well-defined affiliated components and peripheral circuits.

DeepSubconscious are creating an order of magnitude improvement and new standard around the world for mental and physiological health care. Leveraging neuroscience, deep positive psychology and deep physiology, our proprietary content and platform ultimately helps people rapidly achieve happiness, health and higher performance.

DexLabs is changing the way you navigate within digital and physical environments. Look out for an upcoming Kickstarter campaign, as this innovative technology is sure to get some attention from a diverse market from gamers to the visually impaired.

Dozr is Canada’s largest online equipment sharing platform. We enable contractors and farmers to make money with their under-utilized equipment by renting or selling it to other contractors and farmers who need it.

eDropBy connects individuals travelling either inter-city/cross city, to individuals looking to transport packages. Essentially, if someone is already driving somewhere, instead of paying FedEx/ UPS high fees, and longer wait times, these individuals can transport their packages the same day using this service (ex. An individual who commutes from Waterlooà Toronto can earn money simply by taking the package on their journey they were going to have to do anyways). They currently have 55 active users and are already taking approximately 20-30 orders per day.

Residential waste collection is a critical municipal function which happens day after day, year after year. Municipalities are always looking for ways to reduce costs. The latest trend to reduce costs in North America is moving to a single operator truck, the use of standardized bins, and using a robotic arm controlled with a joy stick manipulated by the truck operator sitting in the driver’s seat to retrieve, dump the waste material into the truck, and then replace the waste container into the ground. EagleVision System’s technology will reduce the amount of time it takes to pick-up curbside residential waste using a robotic arm by about 2 seconds per pick-up.

eleven-x are wireless embedded software specialists. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team has developed 2G/3G/4G technology for millions of smartphones deployed globally. We work closely with our partners to produce world-leading communication software solutions.

At Emmetros, we are making it is easier for people with cognitive impairments, such as those presented by dementia, to live independently and with dignity.

We develop useful and easy to use information software in collaboration with people affected by cognitive impairments, partner with organizations to make complex information and health-related research databases useful, usable, and accessible, and we collaborate with research institutions and industry partners to influence and create standards for cognitive accessibility

Developed an idea for an app that facilitates teaching and learning of equestrian disciplines through the sharing of notes, corrections, and key lesson takeaways between coach and athlete. The idea was initially developed for equestrian use, but can be easily adapted and applied to almost any scenario or discipline in which it is impossible for the student to make notes, such as music. The app would allow a coach to make notes on the app during or after a lesson and share this information with the rider to have and review at any time. Media such as photos, video, and links to helpful websites can also be shared seamlessly. Beyond coaching, we would like our app to be capable of having interlocking apps to monitor payment and scheduling, as well as sport-specific apps such as veterinary, feed/supply, and fitness tracking.

Social Broadcasting Platform

ExpeFlow, a proprietary “on-demand software” platform, has been designed natively for the management of medical and healthcare claims/workflows, including Independent Medical Examinations (IME). ExpeFlow is truly a unique tool that allows all users to handle medical and healthcare claims and IME in a customizable, systematic, efficient, and secure environment. ExpeFlow is offered using a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and centrally hosted.

Find BoB helps smart financial institutions protect existing assets by encouraging succession behaviour within their organizations. Our mission is to disrupt the financial services industry by providing a vastly improved way to conduct merger and acquisition activity, succession planning and talent management within financial organizations. By encouraging sound succession practices, our software helps medium to large enterprises protect existing assets, helps recruit and retain next generation talent, and saves precious resources.

Foober is a subscription based meal plan platform where individuals living off campus can order a freshly cooked meal delivered to their door ready to devour. They are also partnering with Off Campus Landlords and Property Manager’s to offer their buildings a higher level of service and amenity.

Finovertech is a UK-Canada based fintech venture production studio. The F/T hub incubates spoke ventures through development, resource sharing, investment, and joint ventures.

FISHBUOY* is a revolutionary software solution designed to help freshwater sports fishermen identify the optimal times and locations to fish across North America. FISHBUOY’s proprietary model integrates environmental, biological and geospatial information that provides novice and expert fishermen with real-time information critical to success out on the water.

FISHBUOY Online* and it’s companion FISHBUOY App* offer both in-field and at-home functionality to capture, analyze and share historical fishing trip data. FISHBUOY is a Mark of ENVionX Inc.

Finserve is a mobile payment startup which acts as a gateway for Canadian merchants to access China’s Wechat mobile payment ecosystem. Our target market for WeChat payments in Canada are primarily Chinese tourists, business travelers and international students. There has been an explosive growth of Chinese travelers to the Canada

Grip Films’ goal is to share the stories of startups and local businesses in a way that captures and accurately represents their company ideals, attitude and brand identity. Through utilizing online platforms, like company websites and social media, brands can entertain and engage with their customer base through high quality video content to increase company sales and customer loyalty.

Get benchmarked against your industry peers. Manage your innovation strategy with predictive analytics and up-to-the-minute risk management. Get focused, transparent engagement and collaboration like you’ve never seen it before. makes basic pet care affordable and transparent by connecting veterinarians and pet owners within the comfort of their homes over a video consult. Incurring administration fees, consultation fees, examination fees, and more can be very frustrating for pet owners when facing a simple health issue, and can prompt owners to inadvertently turn small problems into big concerns. By agreeing to a flat fee upfront, pet owners know what to budget for the simple medical advice they need, as opposed to being presented an arbitrarily-priced bill once the traditional consultation is complete. If in-clinic advice is needed thereafter, a plan of action is already in place. Whether your question relates to toxicity concerns, dermatological issues, exotic care, single episodic events, or a variety of other issues, Healthy Pets offers the certified answers you need to reach peace of mind and maintain financial stability. By removing high fees for small problems, Healthy Pets simplifies pet care solutions.

Horizon Engineering Solutions is striving to be the market leader in building automation services. At Horizon, we offer various building automation services for a variety of industries such as Hospitality, Manufacturing, Commercial buildings, Hospitals and more. In addition to building automation services, we also provide energy monitoring and control services that help buildings optimize the energy distribution and operate at a better efficiency.

iGotPro is an online viral business networking system that is exclusively offered to professional service providers. This system allows them to seamlessly build, manage and nurture strategic alliances with other professionals, enabling them to multiply their ideal client reach by six times or more! The system is comprised of tools to assist them in cross-promotion of helpful information from their alliances, in service to their clients, while still respecting Privacy and CASL Regulations. The tools in this system include: network alliance group creation, instant newsletter builder, email marketing, instant social media posting, instant communication, referral suite, and meeting manager.

We are re-imagining education using 3D printers as the hardware tool for enabling adaptive “STEAM+” educational programming. Our hardware and curriculum platform will engage students as they learn the fundamentals of robotics, code, design, and a variety of other engineering principles in an integrated, cross-curricular environment.

Day to day, InkSmith works on a variety of commissioned projects from prototyping to small batch manufacturing and even custom designed promotional giveaways/decorations. We help people bring their ideas to life!

Integrated training and certification focused on behavioural indicators and skills building. Using proprietary high end technology and fully immersive experiences.

Kineris Inc. is a Canadian biomedical technologies headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, that designs, engineers, develops and sells cutting edge medical solutions. The Kineris mission is to develop the latest medical technologies to improve and advance healthcare around the world.
LiiV is a privacy focused location-based, social network geared towards MSM; for whom discretion and control of their social self is of paramount importance; for whom social dimensions of sexuality – lesbian, gay, and bisexual – do not fit – the app provides users in urban or conservative societies globally with revolutionary tools to interact online.
MagnusCards is a free app that combines a proven method of instruction (Social Stories) with elements of game design to help people learn life skills. With Magnus as your guide, you can collect and create digital Card Decks, which provide step-by-step instructions for various social interactions, situations, behaviours, and activities. For example: grocery shopping, doing laundry, and taking the bus.

Massuni’s online configurator makes it easy for anyone to customize furniture and get exactly what they want. We’re taking the friction out of the custom manufacturing supply chain.

Monarch Clothing brings stress-free assisted dressing to adults who have physical or cognitive challenges by revolutionizing the ritual of dressing. They have a design patent pending on the two garment system (Overgarment and Undergarment) and are currently submitting a utility patent in both Canada and the US. THE UNDERGARMENT : For those who are not mobile, the Undergarment (first garment) will be part of a dual-garment set whereby it will be made specifically of 4-way stretch, breathable and antibacterial fabric. A stretchier and breathable fabric will prevent compromising comfort and allow for the garment to be worn for a couple of days (reasons: it is not uncommon that a person with Alzheimer’s may feel uncooperative and refuse to be change). The undergarment will have an integrated loop/docking system upon which an Overgarment (second garment) will be affixed. Its specific location on the shoulders and angled positioning are purposely coherent with how a caregiver would dress and undress another person.

MyShop is a facility that empowers makers to create anything they can dream of by providing access to equipment, training, and a community of like-minded individuals.

For a low monthly fee, you have the ability to access all that MyShop has to offer. Think of it like a gym, except instead of physical workout equipment you get to use all sorts of high tech, really expensive equipment to make anything you want.


Transparent electrodes are a crucial component of many devices such as touch screen panels, solar cells, displays, and smart windows. In touch panels for examples, theses electrodes need to be electrically conductive so they can response to your touch and at the same time they must be transparent so you can see the screen behind it. Transparent electrodes have a market of more than 1 billion dollars and expected to reach to 5 billions in next four years due to the rapid expansion of electronic device production in the world. Currently Indium tin oxide (ITO) is the most common material on the market. However, It has two major problems. First, Indium is rare and if we keep using this material the price of electronic devices will increase drastically and the second problem is that indium tin oxide is not flexible.Therefore, they are not suitable options for flexible electronics. Metals are the most conductive materials and silver is at the top of the list. However, a thin film of metal is not transparent. We developed a silver-based nanomaterials which is 1000 times thinner than your hair to make a film of conductive network. This film is highly conductive because of silver make a highly conductive path for electrons and since the nanomaterials are small and only cover 10% of the surface it is highly transparent. The cost is most important parameter for industry so it is worth mentioning that we use less than 30 mg of silver to make 1 meter-square transparent electrode which will be half price of indium tin oxide film. Beside these benefits our transparent conductive films are pretty flexible and can be deposited on plastic which enables fabricating flexible touch devices. We believe that our material will help the device technology and the dream of having flexible electronics will come true very soon.


NeuRecall Inc., is an early-stage educational technology start-up, with offices at the Accelerator Centre in Waterloo as well as in San Francisco. The company is developing an online platform for increasing teaching and learning efficiency. The system includes software inspired by cognitive neuroscience, and a uniquely-structured knowledge base grown online by users. The system tracks each learner’s level of understanding, and uses such data to extract relevant information from the knowledge base and then generate novel questions.

Key initial users will include postsecondary students, as they prepare for standardized exams such as the SAT, GRE, and MCAT. Other users will include secondary teachers and students, as they prepare for in-classroom and standardized tests. For teachers – overwhelmed by their existing responsibilities and pressures to “teach to the test” – NeuRecall will automate and distribute the work of creating and grading the training and testing materials they give to students. For learners – in need of more individualized instruction and better scores – it will increase the rate and retention of their learning.


O2 Canada is a health respirator company headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario. The company has designed a new respirator for the consumer market that is effective, comfortable, and looks good.


After 20+ years of fundraising for educational institutes, Joanne Shoveller, then Vice Dean of Advancement at INSEAD Business School, felt the need for a better way for relationship managers to engage their donors. The Overture platform aims to capture an entire relationship between an institution and an individual donor with the three main categories – Activity, Conversation, and Projects. The Activity section of the platform covers a donor’s history of giving and participation in activities tied to the institution, as well as any news about the institution. The Conversation section, most easily compared to emails, allows for ongoing discussions with donors, with the key benefit being the ease of capturing communications and guaranteeing important messages are not lost in cluttered inboxes. The Projects section allows the donor and relationship managers to develop giving opportunities in partnership, from the idea stage, through to proposal and ultimately the finished project.Joanne Shoveller, has spent more than two and a half decades in senior fundraising positions in North America, Europe and Asia. She is currently vice-president, advancement, at the University of Waterloo.


Pervasive Dynamics is helping top athletes push their performance limits and outperform their competition. Until now, precise testing of physical endurance of high performance athletes has been a costly undertaking, limited to specialized labs. Leveraging state of the art computing and telematics, Pervasive Dynamics’ adaptive wearable devices allow athletes and their coaches to track in real time all the key metrics related to human health and fitness, providing detailed knowledge into an althlete’s physical performance and new insight into training methods and programs.


Quest Travel started finding credit card processing for travel telemarketers in the US. I have found through them that Canadian travel agencies do not have direct contact with travel wholesale providers like agencies do in the US. Usually they form aggregates to buy travel packages from providers, but make a flat 10% on sales, my idea is to open a travel wholesale seller, for businesses, travel agents and customers online. Wholesale travel service providers sell their products at 40% to 70% of the retail market value allowing my potential profit to be 60% to 30%. I recently contacted and they are interested in signing their 100 agents onto a wholesale agreement.


Rapid Novor Inc is dedicated to developing unparalleled analytical technologies to drastically change the processes in early stage drug research and development in the bio-pharmaceutical sector. Specializing in the field of mass spectrometry-based proteomics, the Novor team is up for the challenges to solve tough problems such as characterizing antibody proteins. We build bioinformatics software and services that deliver accurate, comprehensive and efficient results and enable the integration for pharmaceutical companies to bring the capabilities in-house.


Site Safety Solutions is a software that allows construction companies in Ontario the ability to bring their health and safety program online, stay compliant with rules and regulations and keep their workers safe. The mobile application is a simple, comprehensive and affordable way to assure worker safety on site. This is made easy with safety documents and training certificate storage, online checklists, digital signatures and adding photos and your health and safety program will always stay up to date with the convenient reminder notifications. Unlike the paper based DIY and other complex, expensive software compliance systems that are geared to just assisting the employer, Site Safety Solutions is a free download with quick health and safety reference material that will help the employee make the right health and safety decision on site. Site Safety Solutions is the future of safety saving time, saving money and saving lives!

We build engaging applications for public displays. Our goal is to become the go-to platform for any company looking to engage their audience through interactive digital displays.

Created by world-renowned technology leaders, SSIMWAVE strives to provide the multimedia, communication and entertainment industry with high-performance, high-speed, low-cost, and easy-to-use tools to predict, manage and improve the visual Quality-of-Experience (QoE) of end consumers.
Simple, fast, and efficient: TheHockeyPro breaks down the barriers between coaches and tech, bringing video analysis and analytics to all.
Teal is a performance engagement app used by bold leaders to unlock their team’s full potential. Teal’s fun yet data driven approach to organizational design and OKRs allows leaders to confidently let teams self organize to achieve a shared vision
Tunevu is a media discovery and engagement platform that encodes broadcast media, enabling a mobile device to tether with primary content on TV or Radio that delivers audiences to secondary content of the broadcaster or advertiser’s choice.
UQD offers devices for the measurement of entangled photon sources, implementation of quantum cryptography systems in both free space and fibre optics, and photon correlation experiments with quantum dots.

A unique approach to network design, they offer an affordable Internet security service to a wide variety of small and medium businesses that rivals enterprise-class security solutions and eliminates the capital requirements of network security. Their subscription services are designed to suit the needs and budgets of smaller businesses but can also scale up and scale out to address the needs of large enterprises. With their solutions, businesses are never directly exposed to the internet which protects them from malware and hacking. This gives them a significant advantage over competitive offerings. Initially they are targeting businesses connected to the Internet via a DSL, cable connection, or another medium up to 100 mbps. They intend to fund growth of their platform with these customers so they can scale up to support any connection at any speed. They have completed the preliminary concept and are currently in development. They put control of the Internet in the customer’s hands by moving the network edge to the cloud, thereby protecting the weakest link from Internet attackers.

A digital platform for service oriented transactions to take place, while at the same time implementing a shared value business model that the world has never witnessed in a digital marketplace. Their vision is to connect consumers and service providers in a transparent marketplace. Within this platform, the consumer can receive competitively priced services from peer reviewed providers. Conversely, the service providers have the opportunity to work at their individually selected time and rates. This will all occur seamlessly with the click of a button through our mobile app. While our platform has similarities to successful organizations such as Uber, Lyft, Thumbtack, Task Rabbit, and Amazon Services, our key differentiator is our business model. Our Digital Shared Value (DSV) business model will create a platform to share the revenue generated with our entire user group. By designing our business model in this manner, we are establishing a sense of ownership from the user group. This growth will inherently benefit communities by creating jobs, small businesses and rewarding users for supporting that growth. Moreover, we’ve integrated a philanthropic element to our business model, as consumers will have the opportunity to select a certain charity for a portion of revenue from each transaction to be contributed towards. Simply put, our DSV is aimed at aligning our organizations success with social progress.

Their company is going to create a wish list for local store customers and provide the means for two way communication. Currently when a shopper visits a local store and likes a product but doesn’t buy it because of the price, there is no way to let the store owner know that he/she is interested in that product other than telling them in person. Even if a store owner knows that some customers are interested in certain product if it goes on sale, how can he put the product on sale and let his/her customers know? Amazon does that through shoppers wish list and notifies them whenever a good deal comes up. Giving this tool to local stores helps them to better understand their customer’s behaviour and become more competitive. It will also help shoppers getting a notification if a product that they were interested in is on sale which will give them a better shopping experience and increase their satisfaction.

We are the team of developers in facial recognition (FR). We make FR algorithms and products around it for people safety and security at public objects (like airports, stadiums etc), access control and secured access to devices (like doors, computers and private accounts), people count, gesture and marketing research (in retail, bankin and restaurants) and many other applications of biometrical facial recognition. We just aplly our scintific knowledge and potential to the market demands.

Vitruvian Sport Systems is developing an immersive environment utilizing VR (virtual reality) technology to provide strategic and mental training for soccer players. Their first product, Zone VR will leverage emerging hardware and software technologies to provide an interactive experience that will enhance the player’s understanding of strategies and improve the quality and speed of their decision making in game situations.

Vidhub is the easiest way to review and collaborate on videos with clients, coworkers, and teams.

WEcord is a real time view sharing platform that enables View Commerce. We are looking to be a market maker in the View Commerce space, and bring the immersive and helpful technology to the market place. WEcord ensures that the user is engaged with relevant deals and offers, that pertain to them in their surrounding environment.

What’s Life?’s mission is to help people know themselves better and connect with others in meaningful ways.  We started in Canada with the aim of creating a dedicated space for users to express the multiple ways they live and experience life.

Wriber helps busy people write high-performing blogs using artificial intelligence. It’s difficult to write content that drives business results because there aren’t enough hours in the day for everyone to write engaging, professional sounding content. Wriber’s AI helps you research and structure content by suggesting ideas, facts, and quotes. And, Wriber measures how your content is performing. So even as you’re writing, Wriber can automatically show you how to sound more professional and more engaging so your content drives business results.

IT and Communications specialists. Design and Integration of World leading applications to enhance Voice and Video communications as well as storage solutions for business and emergency services. Our solutions save money, enhance efficiency and save lives..

XYZ Interactive Technologies Inc. provides a low-cost method to identify the absolute x, y, and z position of an object in space, as well as its orientation with roll, pitch, yaw. It has patent claims that cover the entire electromagnetic spectrum, with immediate market focus on Infrared embodiments with both Reflective and Active Applications.

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