New app helping empower people with cognitive special needs

Originally Published by CityNews


POSTED MAR 28, 2018 6:25 PM EDT

A new app that promotes inclusion and accessibility for people with cognitive special needs.

Inspired by her brother Troy who lives with autism and is non-verbal, Nadia Hamilton created MagnusCards, a free app that’s available in Canada and abroad.

The idea is that by focusing on the screen and reading or hearing the prompts, the user is distracted from the noise, people and lights, and can follow a step-by-step guide to complete particular tasks.

“I’m not always going to be there,” Hamilton said. “My parents aren’t always going to be there and this app is about building a bridge from the couch to the community.”

MagnusCards have partnered with a number organizations including Pearson Airport.

“It’s another step in our journey to be more accessible for creating a universal travel experience for all of our passengers,” Maria Ganogiannis from Greater Toronto Airports Authority told CityNews.

You can find more information on the app and how to download it at

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