Digital Governance Group launches TowneCrier

DGNAC Momentum client Digital Governance Group announced today the release of TowneCrier, their flagship political engagement tool.

TowneCrier has been created for the voters, candidates, the Parties, and the Third Parties in the current election and after. Their platform aims to give these groups an effective polling tool.

Instead of leveraging telephone polls, TowneCrier sends an email or mobile notification directly to the voters of a specified riding. They decide how to rate, when to respond and have the time to evaluate the poll beforehand. These ratings are returned in real time and can include Big Data Analytics. is a platform that does the opposite of “Ye Olde Towne Crier”. That Towne Crier told people what the King’s wishes were, this TowneCrier informs the candidates and party of the values and the wishes of the voters.

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