DFx (Design for X) is a best practice methodology for product design
that optimizes the design process to produce higher quality products,
at a lower costs and helps get those products to market faster.

Join the Accelerator Centre and product development leaders from across the region for this event series on DFx methodologies featuring lessons learned from the best of the best.

With an increased demand for IoT devices, there is a new wave of hardware startups coming to the Region of Waterloo. Historically, designing a product for manufacturability, durability, safety, and usability was a significant challenge for hardware companies – proper procedure and best practices came far too late in the process and resulted in lost time and money.

Our 4 part event series gave hardware entrepreneurs an opportunity to learn DFx (Design for x) best practices from successful startup founders who’ve been there before.

Miss a session? Check out the full video below.

Oct. 11 Design for Test, Safety, and Compliance

Keynote: Andre Hladio, Intellijoint CTO

Andre brings to Intellijoint meticulous project management skills applied to product development, regulatory and legal, and manufacturing activities. His previous technical and management experience spans the automotive, bio-medical, architectural and defense industries.

Oct. 18 Design for Manufacturing, Assembly, and Cost

Keynote: Kurtis McBride, Miovision CEO

Founding member of Miovision Technologies in 2005. Miovision was incorporated to commercialize research conducted at the University of Waterloo in the area of computer vision. As CEO he has been fortunate to work alongside a team of extremely dedicated, bright people. Kurtis has worked alongside numerous parts of the business including, sales management, product management/design and marketing.

Oct. 25 Design for Usability and User Experience

Keynote: Matt Rendall, CEO, Clearpath Robotics

Matt Rendall, CEO: Developing the vision and strategic direction of this high-growth robotics company, Matt believes that robots will change the way the world works and is passionate about helping companies find rapid-ROI through the adoption of service robots.

Nov. 1 Design for Reliability, Longevity, and Durability

 Keynote: Catherine Carroll, COO Sober Steering

At Sober Steering, Catherine has lead the team from concept to market ready product, and is focused on developing advanced technology that creates meaningful value for both Sober Steering’s investors and society at large.