Design Sprints: Why Your Startup Needs One

The term “design sprint” seems to the buzzword of 2017 in the tech world. Everyone from startups to large corporations is talking about how to apply design thinking methodologies to validate ideas and move projects forward quickly. If you are like most people, you are probably thinking “what is a design sprint anyway?” Let’s unpack the hype and find out how this process can help you.

In it’s simplest form, a design sprint is the process of solving a problem by ensuring you have generated multiple ideas, considered each one carefully and prioritized your customer.

The process was inspired by IDEO’s Design Thinking philosophy and developed by Google Ventures (GV). IDEO, defined which steps were important for the design process to be successful and GV developed a five day routine to structure their implementation.

Recognizing the lack of accessible and affordable design talent for startups, the Accelerator Centre began running these sprints in 2017 through its Startup Studio program. Startup Studio sprints guide startups through a condensed, one day version of a GV Sprint to collaboratively develop solutions to marketing and design challenges.

Sprint processes don’t use any technology, but instead rely on the magic of sticky notes, markers, paper, whiteboards, conversation and most importantly quite space to reflect on ideas. A sprint rapidly brings entrepreneurs through cycle of generating ideas individually, sharing them with the team, and having constructive conversations to discover the most effective design solution. The combination of an entrepreneur’s passion for their product and customers and the designers expertise and creativity creates an environment where strategic solutions are developed to help the company better serve  future customers.

Our Startup Studio designers are students from the University of Waterloo’s Stratford Campus studying Global Business and Digital Arts and are led by experienced Accelerator Centre staff. The team’s wide range of skills in marketing, UX & UI design, video, entrepreneurship and branding prepare them to tackle the projects sent their way.

Book and sprint and let us help you solve your big marketing, design or brand challenges. 

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