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Trending.Info creates a digital sidewalk of social media buzz about a community. Residents and visitors can go to one website using their computer, tablet or smart phone and see recent, current and future information about a community. Information details include events, specials, promotions and general day to day information that is useful and fun. Businesses, services, groups and associations within the community who use social media, benefit from having their posts showcased for free, in this simple and easy to use website. We are a community’s social pulse.

By aggregating and selecting online social media posts, comments and tweets about particular communities (geographical or by interest), we help people, businesses and municipalities get the word out about what’s going on now and in the near future. People who are interested in that community can then read all the real-time stream of social media that is relevant. Choose categories from within a community to further fine-tune your interests so you get only the information that’s important to you. Plus, it’s completely free to read.

Build your Business, Assist your Association, Grow your Group, Communicate about your Community with Trending.Info. Having a “community” in Trending.Info means local businesses can post real-time information about products, services, events, specials and promotions. Cultural activities from festivals, concerts, fundraisers and special events will benefit by reaching an audience curious about what’s happening. Associations and groups can grow awareness and membership. Whenever someone tweets about your community, and meets the moderator’s guidelines, it will appear on Trending.Info. Visitors and residents benefit by knowing what’s going on immediately plus they can visit specific websites related to posts for more information. This means visitors can plan better and discover more about a destination!

This subscription platform also generates revenue that can is shared with the hosting organization or individual who takes on the curation/advertising role. Trend your community to be that local champion while earning an income. Find out the “insider” information about the things that interest you from people who know and care about it, too. It’s your one source of real time, real information from real people.

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Randy Huitema

Chantell Huitema
Community Administrator

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