TeTechS Inc.

Client Type: AC Graduates

TeTechS Inc. is a leading innovator of advanced terahertz vision sensor technology solutions for industrial and scientific applications. TeTechS draws on the distinctive characteristics of leading-edge terahertz technology to develop unique vision sensor solutions that use terahertz waves to find previously undetectable objects and defects in advanced manufacturing processes. The terahertz vision sensors can see through opaque barriers to make objects and defects behind those barriers visible, and can identify materials in mixtures and composites by resolving their unique spectral signatures. The customers’ problems can be solved in ways that cannot be address by other technologies such as visible, infrared, and x-ray vision sensors. The company’s target is to become the major terahertz vision sensor technology solutions provider to the industries worldwide.

Key Executives

Daryoosh Saeedkia

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