iGotPro International Business Solutions

Industry: digital media

Client Type: Waterloo AC Clients

Tagged with: digital media, viral marketing, marketing, digital marketing

iGotPro is an online viral business networking system that is exclusively offered to professional service providers. This system allows them to seamlessly build, manage and nurture strategic alliances with other professionals, enabling them to multiply their ideal client reach by six times or more! The system is comprised of tools to assist them in cross-promotion of helpful information from their alliances, in service to their clients, while still respecting Privacy and CASL Regulations. The tools in this system include: network alliance group creation, instant newsletter builder, email marketing, instant social media posting, instant communication, referral suite, and meeting manager.

Key Executives

Ash Nandrajog
Co-Founder & CEO

Hemant Ghan
Co-Founder & CTO

Lisa Reaume
Partner & CMO



Social Media