Client Type: AC Graduates

DossierView Inc. is a Canadian-controlled private corporation founded by Stephen Bacso, a serial entrepreneur and Dr. Andrew Wong, Professor Emeritus and founder of the Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence Lab at the University of Waterloo.

By embracing and extending existing search technologies, DossierView’s patent-pending technology provides relevant information faster by making search predictive and collaborative. Instead of reactively asking for information and manually sifting through the results, the information you want and the people who have it come to you.

DossierView’s office started at the Waterloo Research & Technology Park at the Accelerator Centre, Waterloo’s most prestigious incubator for high-tech startup ventures. Since then, the company has graduated to its own space in The Tannery District in downtown Kitchener. The Tannery District also houses several high profile technology companies, including Desire2Learn and Google.