Industry: Health Tech

Client Type: Waterloo AC Clients

Tagged with: AC Client, Health Tech, Phase One, psychology, elearning

DeepSubconscious is developing a unique, highly scalable eLearning platform with unique and proprietary content. The company’s flagship program rapidly teaches clients through a guided step-by-step program to uncover the deepest, darkest parts of their minds. The negative thoughts are converted into a client’s biggest assets, with huge implications for changing health care going forward, since the root of a client’s mental problems is actually solved. Moreover, the program teaches clients through a unique, deep expression of positivity to uncover their own subconscious/unconscious negative thoughts, which represents a massive step forward for mental health care. Ultimately, the vision for the company is to help people live happier and better lives through creating an order of magnitude improvement & new standard for mental (& physical) health care.

Key Executives

John Tukums

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