Deep Trekker Inc.

Client Type: AC Graduates

Deep Trekker’s mission is simple: we want to give anyone on the earth an opportunity to explore the depths of our vast oceans, seas, lakes, or rivers with an ROV. Consumers have been given tools to explore land and sky using many different products, and even space can be explored using a simple telescope.

Admittedly, ROVs are available now to explore the ocean, but the products currently on the market are restricted to commercial missions due to their cost and complexity. At Deep Trekker Inc. we believe that the ROV technology is here and our manufacturing processes are efficient enough to move forward on the development of a new breed of submersible.

Our ROVs are completely and meticulously assembled and tested in Canada by our team of skilled engineers and technologists. Every submersible undergoes a rigorous product delivery inspection and in-water pressure testing before we ship it out to our customers

Based in southern Ontario, Canada, Deep Trekker is within close proximity to world class universities and colleges, as well as a vast array of supporting industry.

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