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ChangeIt®, founded by David Beaton, is a patent protected crowdsourced charitable giving platform that leverages the rapid shift from cash to electronic purchases by bringing together financial institutions, charities, and socially conscious consumers. ChangeIt® enables users to register existing debit/credit cards, eWallets, or other electronic payment methods, in a simple, automated, and secure platform that allows users to support their favorite charitable organizations by simply rounding-up each purchase, creating Virtual Change®, and automatically directing this Virtual Change® to the charitable organizations THEY choose!

ChangeIt®, whose mission is to make charitable giving a part of every person’s everyday purchases, is a Certified Benefit Corporation and a member of Imagine Canada’s Caring Company Program.

Key Executives

Mike Kitchen
Chief Executive Officer

David Beaton
President & Chief Philanthropy Officer

Jim Stirtzinger
Chief Operating Officer

Philip Hatcher
Vice President Marketing & Business Development

Social Media