About the AC


The Accelerator Centre (AC) builds strong, lasting, globally stratified businesses. Our proven process focuses on creating excellence in every aspect of your company, not just your product, so that you can build a solid foundation on which to succeed. We look for people and companies with ideas, but who are unsure how to make them into products; those who have products, but aren’t sure how to sell them or who to sell them to; and those who want to go in a new direction or break into new markets.

Our program

The AC offers an intensive, milestone-driven program to help you get your concept off the ground. The program is broken into four growth phases that challenge you to build a product that someone wants; build the foundation of your business; gain traction and establish early growth; begin to scale and prepare for global expansion.

Each company begins as a member of a cohort, moving through the program with peers at a similar stage. As you work through the milestones, the program becomes increasingly tailored to your specific needs as you meet one-on-one with mentors, and regularly update with board of advisors to review your progress, identify challenges and opportunities, and get strategic direction on how to proceed.

The flexibility of the AC Programs allows you to get the level of help you need to be successful.

Tailored to fit

Our program is entirely unique because it’s customizable. Businesses today can’t survive without adapting and changing, and the AC adapts and changes along with you. We work with you to tailor a program to make it right for you.

Learn – with the best help

In-house mentors with domain expertise and prior mentoring experience guide and assist you as you work through the program and find the right path to turn your concept into reality. With specializations in finance, design strategy, sales and marketing, human resources and employee culture, public relations and communications, and technology, the mentors act as an experienced and dedicated management team to guide you. The mentors collaborate closely to keep up-to-date on all aspects of your progress, collectively guiding you along the path forward and keeping you accountable.

Our mentorship is further extended through strong alliances to the Waterloo Region tech ecosystem. The AC taps into the minds of our Region’s top business people and technology leaders, who support companies through our Advisor Network.

Through educational sessions and hands-on applied learning opportunities, you see how to build the foundation for your concept and to take it to the next level. Structured lessons on concrete business practices, combined with targeted, domain-specific sessions, provide you with a solid curriculum, focused on growth and professional development.

The right environment

The AC offers a dynamic environment that blends communal working areas, secure office space, and professional meeting space to those enrolled in the AC; so you can learn from and share ideas with like-minded peers. Exposure to potential partners, investors, and customers rounds out the offering, providing opportunities to build strong relationships through networking.