I Think Security Ltd. Addresses Illegal Document Copying and Redistribution in a BYOD World

New solution allows users to share documents on mobile devices that cannot be copied and can be pulled back at any time
Addressing growing security concerns related to Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) strategies in the Enterprise, I Think Security Ltd. (http://www.ithinksecurity.com), a leading provider of data security solutions, today launched BoomerangDoc ), a new and secure solution for file-sharing on mobile devices. The solution was unveiled at the RSA Conference in San Francisco on February 25, 2013, to an audience of IT security professionals from around the world.

Exploding volumes of files shared and rising Enterprise concerns regarding the security and safety of confidential corporate information on mobile devices drove development of BoomerangDoc. The product gives users full control over private documents, allowing an individual to share a file, with total assurance a recipient cannot copy, save, or download the material. The user can also pull that document back at any time (boomerang it). BoomerangDoc leverages military-grade encryption and is easy to use, install, and deploy, thus encouraging broad deployment through the Enterprise. I Think Security’s entire product portfolio is backed by a team of security professionals with deep knowledge of advanced security practices who are experienced in designing and implementing advanced security for the Enterprise.

About I Think Security

BoomerangDoc is a product of I Think Security Ltd., an award-winning Waterloo, ON, Canada, technology startup founded in 2010 by Dr. Cedric Jeannot, a leading expert in cryptology and data security. Focused on data protection for the Enterprise, I Think Security provides state-of-the-art, bulletproof IT security solutions of unparalleled reliability to protect the most sensitive corporate information. Serving as a security R&D lab as well as a distributor of the products and services it builds, I Think Security’s solutions for data protection, cloud security, mobile security and secure communications make Enterprise critical data more controllable, more secure, and easier to use.

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TribeHR received FedDev investment support

Government of Canada Supports Innovative Technologies in Waterloo Region

Stephen Woodworth, Member of Parliament for Kitchener Centre, and Peter Braid, Member of Parliament for Kitchener-Waterloo, on behalf of the Honourable Gary Goodyear, Minister of State for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), today at the Tannery announced Government of Canada investments in support of four information and communication technology development and start-up business projects in the Waterloo region.

“Our Government is building on the successes of business innovation to create jobs and economic growth,” said MP Woodworth. “The investment announced today in the Region of Waterloo recognizes that southern Ontario is uniquely positioned to become a leader in information and communication technology development and support of start-up businesses.”

“Our Government is proud to support this innovative and growing industry,” said MP Braid. “With an increasing base of talented individuals and companies coming together in the Region of Waterloo, it is an exciting time in southern Ontario for information and communication technology developers.”

Through FedDev Ontario’s Technology Development Program, Communitech Corporation is receiving a contribution of up to $6.4 million to construct two next-generation satellites.

Through FedDev Ontario’s Prosperity Initiative, exactEarth Ltd. is receiving up to $2.49 million to upgrade its satellite data gathering and processing capabilities to help build a competitive advantage for southern Ontario.

Together, these two projects will allow Communitech’s Intelligent Media Network and exactEarth to work collaboratively with universities and other regional high-technology companies to develop advanced data services for the new satellites that will be of great benefit for various applications across the world.

Under FedDev Ontario’s Investing in Business Innovation initiative, TribeHR Corp. is receiving a contribution of up to $542,399 to accelerate commercialization of its human resource management software, and Dejero Labs Inc. is receiving up to $925,000 to further develop its technology to transmit live video from mobile devices in high-definition.

Federal funding has enabled TribeHR to leverage up to $2.5 million in private sector investments from Matrix Partners and Relay Ventures for this project. Dejero Labs has leveraged funding from FedDev Ontario to attract up to $2 million from members of Golden Triangle AngelNet and Angel One Investor Network.

It is expected that these projects will create up to 166 highly skilled full-time jobs across the cities of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge.

For more information on these projects, the Technology Development Program, Prosperity Initiative, and Investing in Business Innovation initiative, please see the backgrounder.

Created in 2009, FedDev Ontario supports the southern Ontario economy by building on the region’s strengths and creating opportunities for jobs and economic growth. The Agency has launched a number of initiatives to create a Southern Ontario Advantage and place the region in a strong position to compete in the global economy. These initiatives are designed to encourage partnerships and support projects that help the region’s businesses and communities become more competitive, innovative and diversified. To learn more, please visit www.FedDevOntario.gc.ca or call 1-866-593-5505.

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For more information, contact:

Stephanie Thomas
Press Secretary
Office of the Honourable Gary Goodyear

Media Relations
FedDev Ontario


FedDev Ontario Technology Innovation Announcement at the Tannery, Kitchener

FedDev Ontario is investing up to $10,406,911 in four projects, including up to $3,958,139 in repayable contributions and up to $6,448,772 in non-repayable contributions to support information and communication technology development and start-up business projects in the Waterloo region.

It is expected that up to 166 high-value, full-time jobs will be created in the Waterloo region as a result of these projects.

The information below provides an overview of project activities, FedDev Ontario funding and leveraged funding sources (where appropriate).

Communitech Corporation is a not-for-profit organization, with over 1000 technology companies among its members, which supports the development of an Intelligent Media Network cluster in the Region of Waterloo. Communitech provides advisory services, networking programs, and collaborative R&D development support to its start-up business members. Through FedDev Ontario’s Technology Development Program, Communitech is receiving a non-repayable contribution of up to $6,448,772 that is being matched by the private sector to support the construction of two next-generation satellites. One nano-satellite about the size of a milk carton will be incorporated into an existing network once launched into orbit. While the other, a micro-satellite the size of a milk crate, will be further developed for a future launch. Taking advantage of their smaller size, the satellites can be launched and tracked in low orbit, at reduced cost. Supported by exactEarth and other technology firms within the Region of Waterloo, the project will also use data software developed by the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) and University of Waterloo. Additional applications for this project will come with the development of additional tools that can be used to track marine vessels, monitor global water levels, measure atmospheric carbon, and increase data security networks. This project is expected to create up to 106 highly skilled full-time jobs during the life of the project.

exactEarth Ltd. is a data services company that leverages advanced microsatellite technology to deliver monitoring solutions that are high performance, reliable and secure. Through FedDev Ontario’s Prosperity Initiative, exactEarth is receiving a repayable contribution of up to $2,490,740 to further commercialize its satellite services, which capture and deliver global marine data in near real-time. This first-mover project will be undertaken in partnership with Communitech Corporation, and will position the company to gain market share in this rapidly growing international industry. Support for this project contributes to building the information and communications technology cluster in southern Ontario and is expected to create up to 20 new highly skilled full-time jobs in the Cambridge area.

Dejero Labs Inc. is a developer of portable equipment and software that supports the delivery of live broadcasts in high-definition. Through FedDev Ontario’s Investing in Business Innovation initiative Dejero Labs is receiving a repayable contribution of up to $925,000 to further develop its live broadcast delivery technology. This project will focus on development and commercialization of a stand-alone software solution and remove the requirement for specialized professional equipment in the company’s current platform. This change is expected to increase accessibility of the Dejero Labs service for uses outside of the broadcasting industry and broaden market appeal. The company has also been able to attract up to $2 million in private sector investment from members of the Golden Triangle AngelNet and Angel One Investor Network. The project is expected to create up to 15 high-value full-time jobs in Waterloo.

TribeHR Corp. is the developer of a web-based human resources management software platform that helps companies manage their human resources processes at reduced costs compared to traditional methods. Currently, TribeHR offers human resources support tools that include hiring, performance management, peer recognition, holiday and sick-leave tracking, and work histories. Under FedDev Ontario’s Investing in Business Innovation initiative TribeHR is receiving a repayable contribution of up to $542,399 to accelerate the commercialization of its human resources management software platform and enter American and international markets. The company has also been able to attract up to $2.5 million from Matrix Partners and Relay Ventures for this project. It is expected that the project will create up to 25 highly skilled full-time jobs during implementation and up to 40 additional jobs by 2016 in Kitchener.

Technology Development Program

Through the Technology Development Program, FedDev Ontario is investing in projects that will significantly contribute to the development of globally-competitive, market-ready technologies with the potential to develop new business opportunities or benefits for an industry, sector or region in southern Ontario. The Program encourages the private and public sectors to collaborate on innovative, breakthrough technologies that are one to seven years from market.

Prosperity Initiative

FedDev Ontario’s Prosperity Initiative encourages businesses, not-for-profit organizations and post-secondary institutions in southern Ontario to undertake projects that will result in a more productive, diversified and competitive economy. Funding is available for projects that meet the following objectives:

  • enhance productivity, by accelerating the adoption of new technologies, processes and skills to achieve higher output in relation to investment;
  • diversify the regional economy, by increasing the number of new industries or opportunities in southern Ontario communities or regions with the potential to have long-term impacts on their economic diversity; and
  • build a competitive advantage for southern Ontario, by building on the assets and strengths of southern Ontario businesses and regions to create or expand economic clusters and enhance their global competitiveness.

Investing in Business Innovation

Investing in Business Innovation is designed to boost private sector investment in start-up businesses to accelerate the development of new products, processes and practices and help bring them to market. The Government of Canada is focusing on a portfolio of early-stage businesses that are recognized by the investor community as having the potential for high-growth and a net long-term economic benefit for southern Ontario. The investor community includes accredited angel investors from recognized angel investor networks in southern Ontario registered with the Network of Angel Organizations – Ontario and venture capital providers who are member of Canada’s Venture Capital & Private Equity Association.

For more information on FedDev Ontario programs please refer to: www.FedDevOntario.gc.ca

Waterloo Accelerator Program Inc. Partners with Innovate Niagara to Bring Award-Winning Accelerator Program to Start-ups in Niagara Region

Start-ups and entrepreneurs in Niagara specializing in the biomanufacturing and digital media sectors are now able to access enhanced commercialization services thanks to an innovative new partnership between the Waterloo Accelerator Program Inc. (AP) and Innovate Niagara.

Innovate Niagara plans to implement the AP’s proven framework for start-up success in Niagara. The program will be delivered at the Generator at one Digital Media Facility and at the Brock BioLinc business incubator, a facility focused in biomanufacturing.

The Accelerator Program, originally launched at the Waterloo Accelerator Centre, has been developed and proven out over the last seven years, helping to nurture and grow more than 100 start-ups. The Waterloo Accelerator Centre has become a world-renowned centre for the cultivation of technology entrepreneurship, dedicated to accelerating the creation, growth, and maturation of sustainable new technology companies. In addition to the Waterloo location, the Accelerator Program is delivered out of Kitchener’s Communitech Hub, the Barrie Accelerator Centre and the Stratford Accelerator Centre.

Innovate Niagara is a one-stop shop for leaders of developing businesses in innovative clusters, providing critical services to entrepreneurs within the Niagara Region. Formerly, a business leader might have to consult several different organizations before receiving the assistance required to ensure their business would thrive in the critical start-up or development phases of its growth. With the establishment of Innovate Niagara, a single organization is now responsible for the coordination of services, ensuring a streamlined and efficient approach.

Innovate Niagara will leverage the Accelerator Program to help start-ups in Niagara Region move to market faster, create jobs and stimulate economic activity. Incubation Centres and start-ups leveraging the Accelerator Program benefit from coaching and mentoring, experienced staff, proven methodologies, education and training programs, connections to capital, established partnerships, R&D support and outreach, talent recruitment, technology transfer assistance, support services and commercialization expertise.

“The Accelerator Program has successfully changed the landscape for early stage technology companies, we are pleased to partner with Innovate Niagara to assist with the growth and development of start-up companies in their region.” says Tim Ellis, CEO, Accelerator Centre and Accelerator Program.

“We are very excited at the opportunity to adopt the Accelerator Program’s framework. It’s a proven process that enables start-ups to succeed,” says Jeff Chesebrough, CEO of Innovate Niagara, “The models and processes they use results in measurable success.”

The Accelerator Program has achieved outstanding success since 2005 with 89 clients companies generating over $50 million in revenue, receiving over $78 million in external funding, and creating more than 680 jobs with all graduate companies remaining in Ontario and 84 percent remaining in the local community.

Generator at one Manager, Steve Boese is looking forward to working with and strengthening the relationship with the AP. “By implementing the Accelerator Program at the Generator at one, we are adding proven services that actively help our portfolio companies achieve higher levels of success in a shorter period of time,” says Boese. “This relationship shows the strides that the Generator at one and the AP are taking to ensure a more robust and prosperous entrepreneurial ecosystem in Niagara, Waterloo and across Ontario.”

BioLinc, Brock’s Biomanufacturing incubator, located at the new Cairns Complex and part of Innovate Niagara, will also benefit from the Accelerator Program.

“The Accelerator Program will be a great benefit to BioLinc and its clients, from both Brock University and from Niagara Region,” says Manager, Dan Lynch. “The provision of the proven Accelerator Program to BioLinc will help with client intake and analytics, provide us with experienced management guidance, help us better access existing networks across Ontario, and is viewed as a very attractive option to many of our mutual stakeholders. Our clients, both in residence and virtual, will have access to key value-added services that will increase successful innovation and commercialization rates.”

Waterloo & Niagara, ON (February 21, 2013)

For all inquiries please contact:

Jeff Chesebrough
Innovate Niagara
Chief Executive Officer
905-685-3460 ext. 201

Dave Domjan
Accelerator Program
Chief Operating Officer
519-342-2400 ext. 2001


The Waterloo Accelerator Centre Joins Canadian Digital Media Network to Contribute to Digital Media Innovation
The Waterloo Accelerator Centre, today announced that it has joined the Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN) a cross-Canada network of digital media innovation nodes collaborating to advance digital innovation nationally.

Through membership in this unique national network, The Waterloo Accelerator Centre will gain domestic and international market exposure for the organization and its client companies. Waterloo Accelerator Centre will also benefit from having access to unique services that enable the facility and its clients to leverage proven regional programming and best practices of network members. Joining Canada’s largest members-only online collaboration of commercialization resources immediately expands the node’s client support capability, while enabling national access to the Waterloo Accelerator Centre’s regional resources.

“The CDMN was initiated in 2009 and has since grown to become a national ecosystem that nurtures and grows Canadian digital media companies,” said Kevin Tuer, CDMN Managing Director. “We connect like-minded organizations that provide commercialization resources to Canadian information and communications (ICT) and mobile startups and to small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the country. Together, we provide access to the knowledge, connections, services and support that digital media companies need to successfully innovate and to market themselves at home and abroad.

“We’re delighted to bring on board another organization dedicated to furthering Canada’s competitiveness in the global digital economy, and to advancing commercialization of digital media innovations.”

“The Waterloo Accelerator Centre has developed and commercialized the Accelerator Program’s proven formula for growing early stage companies, we look forward to collaborating with the other CDMN nodes to further support Canada’s growing start-up ecosystem,” Tim Ellis, CEO Accelerator Centre.

Effective today, The Waterloo Accelerator Centre will be a channel for driving participation in national initiatives that support the commercialization of innovation. Applications are expected to be open in July 2013 for the CDMN Soft-Landing Program, an initiative for mature startups and small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who can benefit from a getting a toe-hold outside Canada to expand their businesses. To learn more, visit softlanding.cdmn.ca.

Another major initiative is CDMN Canada 3.0, Canada’s only national digital media conference focused on the commercialization of innovation, is taking place May 14 & 15 in Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Featuring world-class keynote speakers like Chris Anderson and Jane McGonigal, sharing success stories like the NASA Curiosity Rover social media campaign and Disney’s acquisition of Canadian startup Club Penguin, as well as peer-to-peer mentoring events, crowd-sourced and user driven content, and a vibrant showcase of innovation in the interactive exhibit hall, early bird pricing is available until March 1. For more details, visit www.cdmn.ca/canada30.

About The Canadian Digital Media Network

The Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN) www.cdmn.ca, a federal Centre of Excellence in Commercialization and Research (CECR), is dedicated to establishing Canada as a world leader in digital media (ICT + mobile) by creating and enabling connections and collaboration between entrepreneurs, companies, research institutes, government and intermediary organizations across the country. CDMN helps bring more digital media solutions to market to create more companies, jobs and wealth in Canada. Follow @CDMN on Twitter, join the Canadian Digital Media Network Group on LinkedIn and like the Canadian Digital Media Network Page on Facebook.

The Accelerator Centre, located within Waterloo’s David Johnston Research and Technology Park, is a world-renowned, award-winning facility dedicated to developing and commercializing technology start-ups. Through its Accelerator Program, early-stage companies located at the Accelerator Centre and the Communitech Hub receive seamless support services, including access to office facilities, coaching and mentoring, education, connections to capital, networking, R&D support and outreach, talent recruitment, technology transfer assistance, and commercialization expertise, enabling technology start-ups to move to market faster, create jobs and stimulate economic activity. Visit us on the web at www.acceleratorcentre.com.

Waterloo, ON – February 14, 2013

Media Contact
Shelley Grandy, CDMN Sr. PR Advisor, 905-866-2656 or sgrandy@cdmn.ca
Deb Domjan, Accelerator Centre, Director Marketing & Operations, 519-342-2400 or ddomjan@acceleratorcentre.com

Accelerator Centre becomes one of the Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN) 'nodes'

Canadian Digital Media Network Adds Five More Ontario Innovation Centres to its Cross-Canada Network

The Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN) announced today that five more Ontario innovation centres have been added to the CDMN’s cross-Canada network. The additional ‘nodes’ on the network include: The Accelerator Centre Waterloo; Innovation Factory Hamilton; NORCAT Sudbury; NWO Innovation Thunder Bay; and WEtech Alliance Windsor. This brings the number of nodes located coast-to-coast on the CDMN network to 21.

“Thanks to an excellent climate of collaboration and the strong Ontario Network of Excellence program, Ontario boasts numerous digital media hubs and we’re pleased to add five more to our national network,” said Kevin Tuer, CDMN Managing Director. “These centres and the existing nodes are dedicated to furthering Canada’s competitiveness in the digital economy by accelerating time to market for innovative ideas.”

Here is a look at the unique focus of each of the new nodes:

Accelerator Centre, Waterloo: Located in the heart of Waterloo, the Accelerator Centre (AC) is a centre for the cultivation of technology entrepreneurship, dedicated to accelerating the creation, growth, and maturation of sustainable new technology companies.

Innovation Factory, Hamilton: Innovation Factory helps advance Hamilton’s innovation community, serves as an expert resource for entrepreneurs and fosters connections across the community to accelerate growth for all.

NORCAT, Sudbury: The Northern Centre for Advanced Technology (NORCAT) is a leading private, non-profit organization that empowers clients, staff, and community partners to drive a culture of productivity, innovation, and life-long learning.

NWO Innovation, Thunder Bay: The Innovation Centre offers support to innovative entrepreneurs, businesses, and community projects in the region of Northwestern Ontario. The Centre looks to improve, enhance and invigorate a commercialization system in the region, and is a driving force to improve economic vitality.

WEtech Alliance, Windsor: WEtech Alliance is Windsor-Essex’s Technology Accelerator; an industry-led non-profit organization focused on driving the growth and success of Windsor-Essex’s technology centric companies & entrepreneurs through, mentoring, programs and connections. WEtech strives to identify, find solutions and foster the development of the technology industry and innovation sector, as well as companies who utilize technology.

Today’s announcement follows the addition in December, 2012 of Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre and Tech South East (Moncton, N.B.) to the CDMN.

By joining the CDMN, nodes have at their disposal Canada’s largest members-only online collaboration of commercialization resources, immediately expanding their client support capability while enabling national access to their regional resources. They also gain domestic and international market exposure for their organizations and client companies, and have access to unique services that enable their facilities and their clients to leverage proven regional programming and best practices of network members.